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  1. Hmm well that would be nice, but it would still not help lower lvls much having to put in all that extra work to make leather out of hides would be a hassel still. Leather can be expensive but manufacturing is a skill that most newbies will not be able to afford, manufacturing is meant to be a hard skill to lvl up : ) If they made it easier to get leather then everyone would manu No fun in that now ^^
  2. a Christian Guild!

    Well good luck with your guild ^^ It will be hard though, I will tell you that :-X but anyway gl starting it up o/
  3. Quote of the week submissions

    ~KgN lmao XD XD XD omg that was so funny! That was evil but still pretty funny lmao
  4. More stupid EL jokes (vol. IV)

    LMAO XD I LOL'ed so bad on this one I thought I might throw up LMAO
  5. Energy Problems

    I think that is whats happening to me. I have WIFI and I constanly get disconnected when I am training
  6. Energy Problems

    I am not sure if me and your problem are the same at all but I have issues like that also. When I am training my game freezes. I cannot do anything but technically my game is still playing. then I am complatly disconnected from EL and have to re log back on. Most of the time I am dead by the time I get back on because I couldnt heal when I had froze up :/. agian I have no idea if thats like what you have but I feel your pain >< sucks losing your stuff
  7. The Dark Side

    The Dark Side is a new guild who is looking for friendly alliences and members to join DARK. DARK is a friendly guild who enjoys talking and helping out our fellow guildies We are mostly an independent guild but do enjoy the occasional guild project. Our main purpose is to make EL enjoyable and fun for all. Requirements We would like for anyone wanting to join to have at least 2 skills at or above level 10 but exceptions can be made ^^ Also DARK does NOT approve of Bag jumping, scamming or any other outlawable offense. If anyone is caught preforming any outlawable offense while in DARK it will result in an immediate kicking. If anyone has an offense agianst them they MAY be excepted into DARK only on special circumstances. If you are intressted in joining DARK or making an allience with The Dark Side please PM TheRealSakura, Nab or Holydragon for more information Join the Dark Side..... We have cookies
  8. Selling some clothes

    I am selling some Black Purple striped baggy pants and a Black cavalier hat. I am selling the cavalier hat for 9kgc and for the Black Purple striped baggy pants I am either selling for 18kgc OR will trade them for Black Red striped baggy pants. If you are intressted in either of these items please PM TheRealSakura