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  1. Scroll Bar in Console

    Oh, hehe . . . I wish I would have thought of using those buttons before posting this. Ah, that's her name ;-) . I forgot it a long time ago.
  2. Screenie's Please.

    Hello, forumers! I want to make some wallpapers, and hopefully have them posted on forum for all to enjoy, for both non/widescreen users. And so that said, I'm asking you to: 1. Take an ingame screen shot of something. Something of significance, not just some house or somn. (Crystals, Monument [schools, statues], Natural Landmarks etc.) 2. I would prefer screenshots that are high resolution (at least over 1024x768). No cropping is neccessary, I can cut out the HUD. 3. I expect the screenshots to look good, so set all video setting to the max. (To those who have good cards. nVIDIA pr0) 4. Make sure you get what your trying to take a screenshot within the confines of the screen, no cut off edges please. 5. Some suggestions as to what you'd like to see done with your screenie, or just put in some of your own 2 cents even if you don't have a screenie. 6. If you plan on including your char, please put on some wearable items to make yourself aesthetically pleasing for the wallpaper, and turn off health/name (alt+b/n/h) I hope this isn't to much to ask! It's late night for lots of us, so you can kill some time on this, hm? GOGOGO! Notes: Link to images, please don't post in topic. Ingame name is KRIUS.
  3. Being a window shopper, I usually pm several bots consecutively with either inv/wanted, open the console and then see what's in stock. Some bots, having absurd amount of item wanted or selling, create long lists of text. This makes it a pain to adventure through the console with just the scroll wheel and arrows. I suggest that a scroll wheel be implemented at the side of the console when summoned.
  4. Forthcoming update

    Em, 200 bunnies per 10 min? That's madness! Yeah, people are just gonna have to suck it up and find there own less populated spwns.
  5. Robe shirts & other clothes for sale or trade

    Im slightly confused . . . I am interested in the piece of clothing that includes the hood that drapes over the head. Are those the robes tops, or are the ings not released yet?
  6. The 7 Wonders of Draia

    Behold, the 7 Wonders of Draia. What an honor to stand before their presence! kk, enough of that. I thought it'd be fun for people to add their input as to what could be considered one of the 7 wonders of Draia (EL, whatever) Perhaps it be a building, a haven of nature etc. Whatever it may be, shouldn't we be taking notice of Roja's (perhaps some other staff, not sure =/) excellence in architecture, craftmanship, or contruction in the form of 3-d art? Hmm? Let's rediscover the beauty that is Draia! (This ain't no vote or anything, just your 2 cents ;-) ) I say that the Magic School in Tarsengaard is worthy of being one of the wonders, no? Your turn! \o/
  7. Guild Map Guard Creatures

    Neat concept. It almost seems more believable and convincing having creatures guarding the map, like the cleche pit of alligators. Hm? >
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Either: Paid in Full - Sonata Arctica or Anthem - Kamelot or Our Farewell - Within Temptation Thayuhs so manies musicz! I <3 em all! hehe
  9. Sig Feedback

    Here's your sig, tvman. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Sig Feedback

    Hey tv! Decent first attempt. First of all, I would suggest to resize your image so it is smaller and looks more like a landscape (dimension-wise, perhaps 500x80?) Next, although I wouldn't make the text how it is myself, I can live with it. I also recommend that you save the image in higher quality, so you dont get those blurry and pixelated spots. I like the material you used as the main back drop. Keep at it.
  11. There's Something About EL

    I've launched a blog half out of boredom and out of . . I don't know, it's 4am. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting how a blog like mine would do with the players, so I made it. It basically just comments on the EL culture if that's fair to say. I don't know, check it out. I plan on posting regularly and am hoping to expand with other different articles if all goes well. SOMNABOUTEL.com
  12. Pack Mules

    Excellent idea. I really like the feeding aspect.
  13. PM history

    Yeah, good idea. Perhaps a database of previously contacted players. ^.^
  14. After watching my friend hunting Gargs in TG and seeing him struggle to pick up the bag that lay beneath it, I thought to myself: Why would a garg drop a bag if it dies, or a bunny for that matter >.> . Im suggesting that all bags dropped by corpses of all sorts (animals, creatures, players) are ridded. Now I know you might be thinking, won't we have cluttered spawn with all the corpses laying around for 12 min? Well, yeah. So I think you should be able to access the corpses drop via clicking the corpse itself for the first 3 min or whatever the defualt time it takes for a corpse to dissapear. Because think, you never wait 12 minutes to pick up that db from that cyc or whatever your killing. Once that time has expired, then the contents will be transferred to a bag, so no cluttering will take place. Otherwise, all bags that are not drops resulting from a death should be left as is. I think this is a good idea, no?
  15. Question

    Yeah, I'd say you play with the spider. I fought them all through my 20s and a lil in my 30s. If your gonna fight them go to Spidey Cave. shh