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  1. Greece Rules

    lol this would mean the netherlands would never win it and italy would be supposed to win all the time, seeing they have the most sexy girls.
  2. Auction Forum

    maybe this is a nice thing to implent at EL.net.
  3. Xbox 360 Picture

    i'm gonna stick to nintendo, seeing i'm kinda zelda freak, i really love those games.
  4. Programer Or Murderer

    same for me
  5. Girls Best Kept Secrets

    lol this is awfully funny, when i told this to a girlfriend of mine i got a loud sigh... nice list soldus
  6. Ctrl-b Gives Blank Window ?

    you could have just uploaded your .lst file to some free webhosting and posted a link, would have been possible too....
  7. Levels

    lol i wouldn't worry about those lvls seeing it took donpedro about half a year to get there and he play's freaking much so don't worry about those lvls
  8. I Want To Make A Map!

    lol i bet if you make some hell of a good map they will take in anyway's... though if you want a assignment you will need to do a test map first... But its pretty hard to make a map though
  9. Hattrick

    lol i registered but i have to wait something around 40 day's before i can get a team in my own country. :S
  10. Screen Shots

    lol, that aint so hard just press the button [Prt Scr] next to your F12 button, then go to for example paint and press paste, then you will see a picture of your entire screen then you can take out the part you want to have.
  11. Photoshop Sk1llz

    lol disco inferno time
  12. Online Game

    got to 76 in my first try, pretty fun to do.. second 89 meter
  13. What Is Your Age?

    lol all ladies who have problems with their ages are like w00t i can say i'm 20+
  14. My New Avatar

    hehe lol, though kitten it must be i guess. lol, nice one elise
  15. The Clash Of The Titans

    grrr........ damit i just heard of my mom that i'm not at home on october the 9th so get me off the team list damit i was looking so forward to this ***starts crying*** ah well can't have everything can you. to bad i can't come and play