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  1. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Well Kickany1 is the first internet name I ever had. My mom actually came up with it way back when i was in high school and first got AOL. ANY are my initials. I also was active in tae kwon do at the time (still am on occasion) so the effect of "kickany1" was nice. I had not used this name in many year but had grown tired of my other screen names so I decided to bring it back.
  2. Special sword book

    you are too kind Gizz
  3. Special sword book

    Got one a few weeks ago, if you're interested make an offer. When I get an offer I like I'll close this, until then feel free to post.
  4. Lara serping ogre spawn

    Trojan, I have to wonder why you care at all? From your very first post you seem to be out to do nothing more than stir up trouble. But Raven5 did admit perhaps they used the wrong term. Maybe that's why you kept sticking your noes in, cause you didnt bother them with the first comment? Anyway, there is a reason the forum is called "disputes". Not "trial and jury" or "need to prove to everyone you are 100% right". These two players had a DISPUTE and it's posted here. That's really all that needs to be done, no more trouble stirring. Oh, and I've known Raven5 for 6 years and I know she did not edit any logs to make her case look better.
  5. Well not quite. If i put my money in a bank in town A and i visit town B that has a branch of that bank I can still get my money from it. And storage here is pretty much a bank.
  6. EL 180 RC

    Searched the thread and didn't see this one mentioned. If you go to your View stats > session tab and click "reset" it does not reset the counters. Checked and some other people had the same issue. Also just noticed the "drop all" in the inv does not drop anything. Had medallion in inventory, not equipped. But overall I'm a big fan of the new inv window options.
  7. Trik Vs. School

    At my current manu lvl I prefer schools. I mine Ti for money. I've gone from lvl 30 to lvl 35 manu in just a few days (if you count the number of days I actually logged on). That's faster than I have personally lvled using Trik. Also has a lot to do with what else you're doing with your life. I play on the pk server so a lot of time on main I'll harvest Ti while training on pk. And the manu school in WV is so dang close to storage I wanna hug it! So for now it works well for me. If it stops working, I'll change.
  8. Players using good gear on low creatures ?

    I think when I started Ogres I was using some Ti pecies. Then once I get a few a/d lvls I'll try to downgrade some. Usually do a test run where I just intend to kill them long enough to see the min armor I can get away with. I think I started using my CoL around unarmed Orcs. I like the extra hp just because I feel i can train longer at a time which is important when you finally get an Ogre spawn. Also it's a saftey net for fails. I took skeptic/NMT so I'm not as worried about breaking things. Now on the pk server I may adjust this a bit. On main I didn't do a/d training for a long time. So my pk charater has a different build, I'll be training more often there by risking more breaks. And of course there is the ever present chance of getting killed by a person, not just the monster so you dont want to risk giving your good stuff to some punk who just killed you Oh, but I never train on anything that I can't kill with a bone. I always keep a sword with me incase I get in a pinch just don't use it.
  9. Stats Pages

    That could still work if we had an option to show all stats except A/D. I'm just trying to avoid this going through and then having 85% of the names you click on come up blank. That would be annoying and a let down to anyone looking into the PK server.
  10. Stats Pages

    I think it would only work if you have 3 options on it. 1) Show all stats. 2) Hide all stats. 3) Hide a/d stats, show others. Cause lets face it, if you're not up in the 90s a/d but do train you're not gonna want people to know. Person A hides his stats but gets to know mine? No way, I'm gonna hide mine too.
  11. Invisable rats

    In light of events I've decided to make my opinion heard. I think spawning any more than 5 invisible rats at a time is a bad idea. The first time it happened I thought it was a bad idea but I figured Mr.Hide knows what he's doing. Was wrong there. The second time it happened I thought this is a very stupid idea. I'm glad Handy posted this and I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to post as soon as it happened. I, personally, didn't feel it was right to tell what amounts to a pk mod not to do what he was doing. Wrong there too. So in summary: I think too much gc in the game is bad. Along with too many stones, tokens. In retrospect we all should have probably acted a bit differently, some of us very differently. I hope we can come to a resolution soon, I'm sorry for any wrong I did and others need to step up be men (or women) about their mistakes and not cause more trouble. Thanks.
  12. Should Canned be moved

    I think he's ok there. The only reason I'd see him not getting traffic is if he was so far out of the way no one knew he was there. We all know where he is and any new players should find him with in a day or two of playing. That will probably change if you move him too far out of the way like Portland. This seems to be turning into a price discussion at the moment. I see no problem wanting to sell for a profit even if that means I have to pay more. To a point of course
  13. Summoning Stones

    Well I was gonna vote #1 because when I started on the pk server I decided to work on summoning and eventually make stones til I found out they only work 25% of the time! If I controlled the world you could use the mix window to summon while fighting. But I dont and I doubt that change will be made..SO. At 100% success I can spend just under 2k and summon 3 white tigers on you. Counting the person who summoned on you thats 4 things you have to dis/flee from. Even with no cooldown on rings that cant be easy. I'm torn on this really so I voted other. Its a pk server (you're gonna die, deal with it) and I'd like a reason to make stones. I'd prefer a 50-75% success rate. I think.
  14. I want in. I play as kickany1 and im a female. I have an alt Dracia but have not used it in months.
  15. Who the hell are you?

    Well my characters are fairly straight forward but I'll make it official. On main - kickany1, no guild. Pk server - kickany1 in lvl^ one alt MuleAnyThing, no guild.