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  1. 60-80 invance stream

    http://www.twitch.tv/xdigitalhazex/b/532068364 Here's a link to it. If anyone has anything they'd be interested in being streamed just hit me up. Thanks to all those who watched!
  2. Szczepan2 behavior

    You killed Szczepan2 Szczepan2 is hunting rabbits in the Elysian fields. o/ in kf, so no drop. ):
  3. Instance for Mixers

    I really like this idea. At the moment, the only way noncombat-oriented mixers can participate in instances is by providing supplies, muling, or if you have a decent range level/AP, ranging. Although, some problems to be addressed: I agree that there would have to be more than one map. There should be tiers, as in the combat instances. But how would it be scaled? perhaps by using the same formula to calculate noncombat rank. Or maybe even it could be tiered by your level in the "mixing skills," i.e. I have 62 craft, it is my highest mixing skill, so i would be placed in whichever map is for level 60 in a skill. How many is the max amount of players for an instance? We don't want one pr0 allrounder going in and pwning the instance by themselves, and we would want it to be possible for players with only one leveled mixing skill to participate (I mean, would we want it so each person can be proficient in one skill? Like one person each for alch, pot, summon(?), manu, craft, eng, tai) If we cannont take HE/SR/BR/EMP/GHP, what items are permitted to take? (poison antis?) would we be able to take raw ingreds? And, finally, the risk/profit ratio would have to be tweaked. It would be difficult. We can't have it too easy (because then radu wouldn't get any bricks), but how would we do this while still making it possible for very low a/d mixers to participate? (meaning the risk can't come from difficult mobs to be killed). I mean, mixing with toads is risky, but if every participant was able to make plenty of HE/SR/poison anti, the risk from them is nearly nonexistant. I'll probably think of more later, but this is all I have for now great idea, Nova! (EDIT: and hatwood ) (Nocturne ingame)
  4. Idea for new potion

    Perhaps it would be a good reward for a harvesting quest similar to manu, pot, and alch tutorial. you have to harv 100 or so of every ore/flower/mineral/misc EDIT: Though that may be a little cheap, could raise it to 1k or something like that.
  5. Standard Policy for guilds

    No way. I would not join a guild with such a thing in it's description, nor would i want my guild to have those policies.
  6. One red paper clip

    that's ages old
  7. i found two bindings and an enrichment in the last 2 weeks
  8. Cooldown Cuisses

    It's always good to make unused item used more. It's pointless to have something no one uses. Like the special helms. No one hadany incentive to make ti or steel helms until the specials were fixed.
  9. Smurf for Mod!

    tiny_tim for mod!
  10. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    5k silver please[: ingame name: epitaph
  11. Gold membership

    Maybe you could do the same thing as with p2p, except with month, year, and lifetime costs?
  12. Differ weapon attack frequence

    No, it doesn't happen now. Sure, many people use Jagged Saber (Good all-around weapon), but many people use OS for high damage, low accuracy. (You hit less, so it's basically, a slower, higher damage attack. Same with Halberd/Spear/etc). Well, really, Thermal Serp is the best all around weapon, but with an incredibly high price tag. I've seen people use Emerald Claymore in PK, lower-level players use Cutlass. The barely-used swords are Rapier and Sunbreaker, but we jave plenty of vairety as it is. With your suggestion, as jajohn said, people would just choose the weapon with the highest DPS.
  13. Copper and Tin - Lack of Demand

    I mean no point to making them when you can buy them for under the cost of ingreds from someone who got the drop.
  14. Removing TS effect

    I vote yes, IF there are more bridge monsters added. Although I like the TS failing effect, I think that more trainable monsters would free up way more spawns and would be better for the game.