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  1. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    You can still see hp and mana in instance mode
  2. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Anyone mentioned.....Instance mode is your friend
  3. Control Rosto Prices

    Or..............make low level....low reward.....newbies dont drop...limited armor....this would *train* them for when they reach a higher level instances/invasions/ etc
  4. xavierx bot Paid

    Paid... Receipt number: 2V701462YM377741B
  5. names above chars gone

    dont have android but on PC right click on your name uncheck instance mode
  6. Guild Color Code Playernames

    Rather than a color why not be able to add a letter to their name???or is that not possible......eg..The_Grud (E)
  7. Universal Hood

    I rarely wear my hood as its *fashion* only.
  8. EL Mentors

    Given to much information as a new player can be overwhelming...make a friend and tell them if they need any help/info to PM you.
  9. Sir_odie

    Anyone know if sir_odie is hosting NEW orders for custom clothes?
  10. #Nu guild recruiting

    We are an Honor guild......Our members have high levels in most skills and always willing to help.....No drama,s ...play as you will...contact The_grud in game for more information
  11. New Forum colors

    Would it be difficult to change text color / background color to make it easier to read
  12. New Forum colors

    Still cant get used to new forum colors...nothing stands out. Looks amateurish to me. Dont like them,,,site is very bland
  13. Stewie

    Numerous PM,s...some ignored...a post in disputes...and finally after 4 mths Stewie has paid his debt!