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  1. It would be nice to have a command that gives you a list of all your completed quests(I dont mean Dailies)...not Quest Log
  2. Ice / WTF Tank

    Please delete
  3. Snow blind

    Agree,,,,have same problem sometimes
  4. Obituary: Looter

  5. Always thought it would be better for my health/mana Bars to be shown top left/right corner of screen for instance /invance/invasions.....that way you could still see your stats and mob stats....any reason why not?
  6. wanted message from Bot

    I get lots of enquiries on my bot for *Wanted* but I dont know who is enquiring and what they want to sell. Would be nice if my bot could give me this info..
  7. Tokens

    OOPS srry I meant storage...I can never remember which token does what...sure Im not the only one
  8. Tokens

    at the moment if you click on token in inv it says....Example.Spider Token.....would be better if it gave information of token use..Example Spider Token...Paralyses your opponent for 5 rounds.
  9. Join #Nu

    We are one of the oldest guild s in E.L. always guildies in game...no dramas....just play your way with support of experienced guildies...PM The_Grud...Evie...Taini...Tokie in game for more information
  10. Just seems this potion is the obvious potion to add to game. Comments?????
  11. Bot payments

    Xavierx paid Receipt number: 26R293629T6517618
  12. xavierx

    Not sure when Xavierx bot is due for renewal....can you let me know please.....reply to this or mercator the_grud in game ty
  13. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    #nu would be perfect for you...Honor guild play as you play ...PM me if interestred
  14. console text mode

    Sometimes and quite regular when i go into full text mode the pic flickers then grues me out of game. tried reloading game still same...is this a known bug/fixx?