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  1. KF Clash #4

    cant make it at sunday, iam out
  2. KF Clash #4

    count me in marvel
  3. Marvel

    hi, some time ago i been banned for saying "hi burn" and now i know it was wrong move, so from this place i wanted to say sorry and say it will never happen again. Also wanted to ask if theres a chance to unban me, i rly apology and and hope u will let me play again MARVEL
  4. Marvel

  5. Polska - Poland

    to takie smutne
  6. Any 100+ a/d gap?

  7. Magic Suggestions

    rly nice idea i agree with z
  8. Haidir passes

    Until I get a very good mission, never anything lower than feros, just like getting good exp w/o spending hours on spawn
  9. KF CLASH - II

    ofc :>
  10. Alchemic

    Brod list kknpty
  11. War against =HC=

    infa lies
  12. Small sto sell

    i ill take 5 cooked meat 29 emeralds 2 iron helms all - 520 gc EDIT : TY ;P
  13. Please Unban

    Waldus - Radu mówi ze: 1.Nie rob wiecej tego co zrobiles,nie lam zasad 2.Nie uzywaj innych kont,lub nie uzywaj kont innych graczy.
  14. Banned

    hiho,my game nickname is Herount,i was banned for (i think) trade with my alt char,yes? really sorry for that,i will NEVER do it again :s Atm,i deleted my alt. I want to unban me,please Herount
  15. Banned

  16. Banned

    hiho,time end,can u unban me,please?
  17. Banned

    Okey,i readed it. really sorry for it,i will never do it again.
  18. Polska - Poland

    meep \o/
  19. Screenshot Thread

    hiho some old screenies ;D http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=34318189rh8.jpg http://img216.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wscdl1.jpg
  20. Polska - Poland

    Dion,hah Najlepszego :],osobiscie w Ela nie gram,co mi szkodzi na forum przyspamowac, nie MP,po angielsku nie umiem
  21. ogres headbutt

    rofl nice
  22. P2P renewal

    can i know when mine ends?thanks