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  1. KF Clash #4

    cant make it at sunday, iam out
  2. KF Clash #4

    count me in marvel
  3. Marvel

  4. Marvel

    hi, some time ago i been banned for saying "hi burn" and now i know it was wrong move, so from this place i wanted to say sorry and say it will never happen again. Also wanted to ask if theres a chance to unban me, i rly apology and and hope u will let me play again MARVEL
  5. Polska - Poland

    to takie smutne
  6. Any 100+ a/d gap?

  7. Magic Suggestions

    rly nice idea i agree with z
  8. Haidir passes

    Until I get a very good mission, never anything lower than feros, just like getting good exp w/o spending hours on spawn
  9. KF CLASH - II

    ofc :>
  10. Alchemic

    Brod list kknpty
  11. War against =HC=

    infa lies
  12. Small sto sell

    i ill take 5 cooked meat 29 emeralds 2 iron helms all - 520 gc EDIT : TY ;P