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  1. ban

    Thank you so much
  2. ban

    That was last time, very sorry for that...could I get unbanned?
  3. ban

    Hi , my ingame name is bretryano could i pls get unbanned ?
  4. Buying stuff

    Hey,I would like to buy 200 bear summoning stones,1 k Energy essences, and 500 Magic/Matter/Spirit essences.PM me ingame,ty
  5. krams wife was banned for wat

    I am posting for Krams_Wife,cause he got banned from forums last night. What did I get banned for?I didn't have second account so what multi o.O
  6. Magic Serp,Fire Serp,Arti and Ess!

    LOL! some1 logged on my forum account and posted it,I got that link from friend,sry for troubles lol
  7. Magic Serp,Fire Serp,Arti and Ess!

    yo, I'll take the serps PM me
  8. war

    Sing me up
  9. Kusamura event

    Well i build a team .Ppl who r in so far : Me Saint Fedora WolfWitch Stinkyfeet Shakyamuni I may add some more ppl's later on ^^ c u there \o/
  10. The Kusamura Arena Showdown 1

    eh reset,can't make it put me off .Can i still be in second 1 pls?:>
  11. Need help with 1.6.0

  12. My PvP partner summoned at me :|

  13. My PvP partner summoned at me :|

    Just letting u know,i was PvPing with ELIT member (Zlathino) and he fleed and summoned tiger at me,i dropped COL and some other stuff.so be aware of this guy
  14. The Kusamura Arena Showdown 1

    sing me up
  15. Banned

    None,u can delete topic,i think i was banned just for while.tyvm