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  1. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Human Removal Stone in VOTD vegetables
  2. Storage Sale

    I buy iron ore and fes 547 iron ore --> 1500 gcs 726 fes --> 2100 gcs TOTAL: 3600 gcs
  3. AUCTION! Animval removal stone

    Starting price: 350 kgc Minimun Increment: 5 kgc Actual price: 350kgc Ends at Sunday 19:00 (GMT +1) Post here or PM in forum preferably.
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I can do an Mercury order????? Price??? PD: Sorry for my english
  5. LEAL Guild

    CHANGED MINIMUM LEVEL TO JOIN GUILD General info: Guild for mature and respectful people where all the EL abilities can be developed. It is forbidden to steal bags, scam and cause troubles. Joining the guild: Minimum age of 16, and have at least one skill over 21,no OA or harv. Applications: talk to any of LEAL. The guild URL is: http://leal.site90.com/ CAMBIADO EL NIVEL MÍNIMO PARA ENTRAL AL CLAN General info: Clan para gente madura y respetuosa en el cual se podrán desarrollar todas las habilidades de EL. Prohibido robar bolsas, estafar y causar problemas. Joining the guild: Edad mínima 16, y al menos una habilidad superior a 21 que no sea OA o harvest. Si quieres entrar en el clan, habla con cualquiera de LEAL La URL del clan es : http://leal.site90.com/
  6. Buying NMT

  7. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Hi. Another bought: 16 Binding Stone 120k 1 Cape of passive camouflage 37k TOTAL 157K gc
  8. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Also I want buy ALL crossbow training bolts --> 2511 gc TOTAL 98511 gc
  9. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I want to Buy: 10k HES 65 K 6 ELES 21k 4 EWES 10k TOTAL 96k gc
  10. Auctioning Human Removal Stone

    No bids yet