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  1. shupi banned

    Would you answer ? Do you will unbann my IP ? I told you I didn't make something wrong.
  2. shupi banned

    I told you...I made only account SHUPI!!!!! another accounts wasn't be mine...you have error in logs, because I made only shupi from this comp. I don't have another computers...
  3. shupi banned

    It's unfair...I didn't make anything wrong, I told You only right...I didn't play for 3 years and You banned my IP...could You unbann it ? please..
  4. shupi banned

    I send link to screen, I told You I didn't make something wrong ;/ I made only 1 account yesterday. I didn't play for about 3 years, I started again and get banned ;/
  5. shupi banned

    I can make screen to show You that it's banned ;/ I don't know why ;/
  6. shupi banned

    It's a stationar computer...I made account shupi from this IP and I played on this comp...I'm asking last time, could you unbann my IP ? I didn't make something wrong, I didn't scamm, have multi accounts etc.
  7. shupi banned

    would You unbann this IP ?
  8. shupi banned

    I'm posting from The same computer...If it is another, tell me the reason why I'm writing to unban IP FROM THIS COMP ? You have wrong informations...I made only shupi grom THIS IP ...
  9. shupi banned

    can You read ? Only Shupi was made FROM THIS IP !!!!!!!! I'm posting from IP where I made SHUPI !!!!! I never had account with nicknames : kajejemajel PanTadeusz rhaROTH santin SchweitzeR tajler I didn't made anything WRONG !!!! I can't understand why You banned my Ip ;/
  10. shupi banned

    OMG...I know better where I played...I didn't scamm...I don't have multi accounts...I don't know why You banned my IP...
  11. shupi banned

    I played shupi on this comp, and I made it from this IP
  12. shupi banned

    hello, I have a question, why You banned my IP today ?
  13. Your IP is banned ?!

    lol i made only 1 character ;/ we are leaving in this same block of flat , maybe it's the reason of this same IP ;/
  14. Your IP is banned ?!

    I gave my account shupi_91 for my friend, but RonikPL stole this account ;( I don't know why you banned mine IP.
  15. Your IP is banned ?!

    please unbann my ip because i don't break the rules