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  1. To Die In El

    I like the death system in Everquest. When you die to a monster, you have to go back to where your corpse is to get your items (all of them drop, not just some) but other people can't loot your corpse unless you permit them to. In PK, the person who kills the other gets a choice of one item that they drop, the rest stays until the person who died comes back and picks it up. This might not work in PK areas in EL though, as someone could just get killed over and over again before they can get back to their corpse. There is also an experience loss, which i think is a fine tradeoff for no chance of getting your items stolen. The Diablo 2 death system is good too. You lose all items equiped on you, but none in your inventory. Other people cannot loot you. There is an experience loss if you are playing on the higher difficulties (you could make it so you only lose exp when you die after OA 20 or something if you wanted to incorperate this type of thing in EL). If you get back to your corpse, you get 50-75% of the lost experience back. If you log off and come back, your corpse starts back at where you log in so you can easily get back all your items, but you don't get any of the lost exp. back when you do this. I think this system would be good in EL (instead of corpses it would be bags, and when you log back in it could just automatically put the stuff back on you or have you spawn over your bag that only you can loot). If experience loss from death does get incorperated, I think it should only come off of OA and not skills.
  2. To Die In El

    The game needs less reasons to go AFK, not more. This "shadowlands" idea is horrible. Permanant death idea is even worse.
  3. Nelson And Bag Jumping

    That's what I was about to say.
  4. Nelson And Bag Jumping

    If you are that concerned, you could always hold tele rings.
  5. Lvl For Summoning

    Good question. Also, Puma is the same recommended level as Chi. Wolf? Think it needs a little adjustment. Also, why does a brown snake requre an animal nexus of 3, and a reccomended of 17 when a fox is recommended level of 20 and only requires an animal nexus of 2?
  6. What Game Features Do You Want First?

    So many choices....I want them all! I chose other though, A graphical storage like i described here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8704 Is what I want the most right now.
  7. The Ants...

    Today they all beamed at once and i had to beam several times to get to a place where i could even move, it was kind of funny.
  8. Whips

    Cat o' 9 tails maces daggers knifes clubs scimitars pick one, we could use them all.
  9. As of now, the sun medallion is worthless as the Moon medallion does the +4 accuracy that the sun medallion does, as well as +4 armor. With the moon med being only around 300 gold to buy, that makes the sun med more or less worthless. Why not change it so it is something like +8 accuracy, or a different skill entirely like +2 coordination/will/phisique or something, make it so people have a reason to create it while crafting and can actually find buyers.
  10. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    "Your Leather Pants has been destroyed" Should be have, not has. Probably the same with other items, such as boots. Also on the wine quest, when you fulfil the debt, Latis says "than you very much" instead of thank.
  11. 101 Ways To Get The Crap Spammed Out Of You

    ROFL, I misread and PM'd Wytter. I would have been pissed had I chosen the right number.
  12. Nelsons Heroes

    I'm not even on the list
  13. How Much Would You Pay...

    Does it have to be our name? I would definitely consider getting a Bush = PWNED lol roflol!!111~ If he loses tonight.
  14. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Works for me.
  15. Monster Drop List

    I've gotten a steel long sword and an Iron Broad sword off Goblins before. Also, they only drop 1-5 gold.