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  1. Quote of the week submissions

    How do you spell Gargoyle again ?
  2. Encyclopedia Errata

    Sulfur is called "Sulphur" in encyclopedia and when you use the eye thingie it says "Sulfur". They're both correct spelling according to Wikipedia, just a little weird to use both words I think. I know it's already a little discussed in http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38327, but no action was taken, so tought I might add it here.
  3. I must say I like the idea, I see lots of new people training their att/def and use a sword while they do it. Maybe if they read that they understand that it isn't such a good idea to train with a weapon.
  4. Got Milk?

    uuhmm I don't get it at all...
  5. Why would you use things of WOW in EL ? I'm sure that "the makers of EL" aren't trying to make a look-o-like of another game.. *be original, create your own style*
  6. BIG party

    Can I join ?? My in-game name = Flabber89 tnx
  7. The Eternal Race

    I'm in... My in-game name is Flabber89
  8. Flabber89 is bagjumper BEAWARE

    I totally agree with petersohn
  9. Resolution Problem..

    If you look at link 2, it looks like a graphical error. If you ask me, I think it's your videocard
  10. Flabber89 is bagjumper BEAWARE

    He still could have sit down and used sit-lock..
  11. Item stacking

    Yes, that is correct
  12. Flabber89 is bagjumper BEAWARE

    **lol look whos talking** And what do you mean with that ??
  13. Flabber89 is bagjumper BEAWARE

    I think that getting "bag-jumped" is your own problem, just DON'T step of your bag if you got stuff in in that you don't want to lose.. *HINT* sit down and use sit-lock... It's your own fault you get bag-jumped, there is a way to avoid it
  14. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    My favorites: Cradle of Filth Devil Driver Evanescence Good Charlotte Green Day HIM Korn Linkin Park Murderdolls Nightwish Nirvana Papa Roach Rammstein Red Hot Chilli Peppers Slipknot The Offspring
  15. Guild rank

    I think it is good as it is now, no need to change it... Why would you change something that only needs 5 more seconds of your time...??