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  1. El update?

    Go to the main EL website, and download the Game from there, or look in Forums: General Chat > 1.6.0 Download. #Edit - http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41696
  2. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    There were a few yes. ~6 Nexus Removal Stones. #Edit - It was ok storage I guess, not worth the 20000$ he spent on EL though.
  3. Your personal moment of glory

    Killing eMPi with Bod was nice ;*O #Edit - Phun times. Some nice PK back then ;*(
  4. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    I hate you. Thats some pr0 luck with Rem Stones though, nice.
  5. Your personal moment of glory

    Yeah it was him after I sold the account to him lol.
  6. Why do you take part in events

    I normally do it for the fun. I only used to enter PK/fighting contests. I held a couple myself too. Which is always fun thing do to. I remember there used to be some KF events, like resuce someone and win some prizes, those were fun.
  7. Your personal moment of glory

    Hehe. PKing: COL, Titanium Set, Bone of Death, Staff of Mage, Mirror Cape, and Thermal Serp, from one person. Of course, I got about 4-5 drops worth over 500k each.
  8. The 7 Wonders of Draia

    TG Magic School Gardens is pretty cool too. And the waterfall thing in Kusumara (I pr0 map speller tbh..) is good too.
  9. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    Why are we discussing this again? Thats the post I was looking for, hehe. That basically says everything I was trying to say here in my posts.
  10. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    This is the best post Ive saw yet on this thread. Same thing that I said in my post(s).
  11. PK Mortos spawned Invasions

    Pointless apart from the ~5 people with Cyclops atk/def.. Not much point in Summoning Gargs, is there?.. Voted #3
  12. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    Believe me the cost of breaks and used pots/essies/etcs are more than cost of rostos... People will still buy rosts from EL shop... I have no doubt about that... Lol, use NMT cape then, there are no Branchers left in the game. (By branchers I mean people who use that weapon more than anything else..) so you don't have to worry about armour/weapon breaks. (As much anyways.) And ess/pots are easy enough to come by, and trust me, people will NOT buy Rostogol Stones, when there is a ND map, what the fuck is the point they wont sell for much gc, and they wont be used for anything, apart from training/alchers or whatever. I personally dont dispute the point you are trying to make, but when looked at with the bigger picture ( ie:New capped arena's after the update where ppl wont need to go to KF and get mobbed by 120-130+ a/d players) wouldnt this help all levels of pkers ? or should we just say " fuck it, sod them high players,let them sit in KF alone" ? New Capped Areana's wont do fuck all, apart from reduce the amount of PK for the higher level players, and probs reduce PK more than it is now... We need to remove some PK maps befor we can start the real suggestions on how to improve PK, not sit here and make more PK area's. And for those of you who PVP, it's not really hard to find a Guild map and use that is it, lol. 99.9% of Suggestions to 'Improve PK' wont do anything.
  13. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    Read my first post plz... This wont ruin the usage of rostos. Mixers use rosts alot, also trainers etc etc... And there will be only 1 map for ND and others will remain droppable (I m tired of saying this for thousands of times...) Thats the part you don't understand, IF people want to PK, they will go to ND map, rather than waste GC on a Rosto on a empty map. Thus reducing the cost of Rosto stones, and how often they are bought from the shop. You really need to think of these things befor you post.
  14. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    They are just trying to mess the things up... Btw, ND maps are not totally make PK easier, tho it will make harder at some points, like ur chance to get gang-banged with 5 people will increase (dont even count summons). And the risk of breaking will increase too. So it will be easier or harder? Trying to mess things up? PK is dead, has been for little over a year now. And it will remain dead, a ND map/areana/whatever will make little/no difference, I never said it will make it worse. The idea of having a ND arena would sound good, but that would then ruin the Rostogol Stones, from the shop and or players.. If you PKers are to fucking stupid to realise it's a stone that does exactly the same as what your asking, but it costs some GCs, then you shouldn't PK.. Whats so bad in loosing a Rosto Stone anyways? The only thing worth doing is to remove every single PK map/cave on C2, theres no point in adding more and more PK maps, that wont do anything but make there less PK. You can say/suggest anything you want, but what I just said above, is one of the only things that would make 'slightly' more PK than there is now.
  15. The 7 Wonders of Draia

    Teh dead snowman on IP #Edit - Ranoff (spelling>) is teh r0x0rz too.