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  1. Buying,


    Life Essences - 5ea, 5.2ea for amounts over 10k

    Hawk Feathers - 18ea, 20ea for amounts over 500

    Falcon Feathers - 16ea, 18ea for amounts over 500

    Turqoise - 4ea, 4.5ea for amounts over 5k

    Sunflowers - 0.7ea, 0.75 ea for amounts over 20k


    Please PM me in game or gossip message me when I'm not online! I'm also up for anyone who are willing to hunt/mix/harv for orders.

  2. Considering I was first to order (thinking I could get some stuff before too many people order :confused:) and still haven't heard a word or received any of the order, I think it's safe to say it's not active anymore. I did get a PM shortly after my placed order saying it would be done in a few days but nothing since =/.