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  1. Selling:


    2k dandelions - 2.5kgc for all

    1.7k poison ivy - 2.1kgc for all

    2k wormwood - 2.5kgc for all

    5 steel long sword - 850 gc ea

    1 book of titanium short sword of ice - 3.5kgc

    1 book of titanium short sword of magic - 3.5kgc

    2 book of titanium axe construction - 1.5k ea

    100 disengagement rings - 85gc ea

    3 accuracy pots - 90 gc ea

    48 8 evasion pots - 80 gc ea

    69 potions of great healing - 190gc ea

    10 wheat-daffodils-feran horn extract

    10 wheat-valerian-mugwort extract

    10 poison ivy-henbane-poppies extract

    73 white chanterelle-ogre toes-tree mushroom extract } all at 75gc ea

    10 red currents-blue berries-rue extract

    10 nightshade-mullein-dandelion extract

    18 yarrow-wormwood-tulips extract

    143 white rabbit furs - 8gc ea

    17 red snake skins - 5gc ea

    50 falcon feathers - 14gc ea

    200 wolf furs - 6gc ea

    12 hawk feather - 14gc ea

    150 feran horns - 16 gc ea

    145 ashes - 3 gc ea

    171 nails - 20 gc ea

    19 fox furs - 6 gc ea

    200 deer antlers - 4 gc ea

    134 leather helms - 19 gc ea

    1 sun medallion - 150 gc

    1 stars medallion - 190 gc ea




    1 book of accuracy - 20kgc

  2. If you have a patient summoner, the WS summon arena is a great place. I've been there to summon wolves and got some friends to shoot at them (and the occasional polar bear for fun) from the two towers surrounded the arena. If you get a few archers, the summons will go down like nothing so you don't have to wait too long (for the summoner) and the archers can get great exp depending on how far the summons are made.

  3. Selling:


    139 Bear Stones @ 130gc ea

    69 Great Healing Pots @ 200 gc ea

    44 Evation Pots @ 90 gc ea

    255 Body Restoration Pots @ 14 gc ea

    126 Invis Pots @ 98 gc ea

    100 Dis Rings @ 85 gc ea



    1 Rapier @ 22k


    PM me in-game or post here :pirate:

  4. Actually, and I dont direct this at YOU teehee


    I wasn't replying to YOUR post you just snuck yours in as i was typing :icon13:. Maybe I haven't been paying attention but I have never seen the problem where a "pro" is beating up gobs, personally i always shoot high and if i know I'll die doing so (ex. multi combat fluffy filled room) I'll go for the next lowest thing. And in this case it would be a snooze you lose for getting to kill an invasion creature, it's not like its 5 gobs invading WS. IMO the bagjumping issue is more annoying, you spend the time to get there and kill all these mobs and it ends up its all being stolen. I agree with DinkyDee where if its a huge crowd with dbs laying everywhere there's not really anything indicating its actually your kill bags but when its retardedly obvious that they are yours, that's just annoying and imo should be frowned upon. No worries if you think I'm stupid :)

  5. More like you fight for your shit you lose? Tired of these little "noobs" (for sake of not using a bad word) who stand right behind you and take all your shit, I'm sure it annoys everyone who has fought in invasions. This is no different from bagjumping either, should be frowned upon like if she /he bagjumped someone's db or flowers.