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  1. Encyclopedia Errata

    Scythe should say 20-45 damage inflicted because of update. #EDIT: and potion of evasion picture is the outdated version if not already fixed in new encyc.
  2. 10k LE's

  3. Auctioning 2 items

    And it's definitely worth more than 15k.
  4. MWAR is recruiting

    Thanks hussam for letting me in. So far really liking the guild; it's active, social and everyone has been nice so far >. Seems like a good guild for anyone who likes to be social. Have a feeling I'll be staying awhile .
  5. selling STOR

    I'll take the mercury edit: oh and the evtr rings *hopes typo was intentional*
  6. MWAR is recruiting

    Hey, I'm interested in trying out MWAR , checked out the guild site and they seem to be meet my standards, even some allies I agree with and enemies I'd like to smack. Let me know in-game . Also I have 65 potion, although I bailed on the 6th nexus.
  7. BOD effect of scythe

    [18:24:45] teehee got healed a little because of his/her armor! [18:24:47] Forest Chimeran was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! Not a big problem but shouldn't it say "hit with the scythe (or scythe of death or w.e) for 150 extra damage!" instead of bod? I don;t care either way just thought I'd point it out.
  8. BOD effect of scythe

    Yeah I like this game because of the originality, particularly the messages but it's up to you, especially if it takes too much work.
  9. Random bag positioning

    Would give bag variety during mass invasions where the monsters do the bag spamming for you. And it would make bag spelling a little more interesting and deformed.
  10. session counter for manu in 1.8.0

    For me I had no internet problems or anything during mixing those meds.
  11. session counter for manu in 1.8.0

    I had the exact same thing but when making 1k silver medallions, on counters it showed up as 998 as well. I use Windows also.
  12. Recent BIG CHANGES in Fighting

    I'd suggest around Magpielee's a/d but with high coord and keep physique in the 20's.
  13. buying SPEED hax potion

    Yea I kinda figured this is some weird joke. You would painfully regret buying for 4.5k lol.
  14. Hoarding poll

    I only whored rostos to lose them in invasions, others like binding stones, removal stones, invasion tokens I collect for the hell of it when I find.
  15. buying SPEED hax potion

    I can sell you one .
  16. Selling

    I'll take the elf fighting book at 2k, sorry if you catch me afk as I am at the moment but will reply as soon as possible.
  17. Storage for sale

    i'll buy the beaver furs
  18. Scythe, BD Scales, Poison Antidote Book

    nvm, got one in-game, sorry
  19. Enriched Essences

    4 EFE - 31k for all 3 EWE - 7k for all 1 ELE - 4k 1 EME - 7.5k PM me or post here.
  20. 1,000 silver medallions

    Hi. Starting Bid: 100k Min Bid Increments: 5k BIN: 140k PM me in-game with offer or post here. #EDIT: auction will end 4 days from this post or if BIN price is reached. Ty
  21. 1,000 silver medallions

    SOLD at BIN, close please
  22. Auction Dragon Blade, bronze sword and invis. book

    19k for bronze sword (both)
  23. Auction Dragon Blade, bronze sword and invis. book

    17k for the bronze sword!
  24. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I picked this name because I didn't think I'd be playing this game for long xD.
  25. Dung

    how much for the leather?