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  1. Swammy and Salt harvesting shop

    is it too late to scratch the wheat? if possible I'd like to replace it with 10k poppies for 5kgc. it's also fine if it's not possible to reverse.
  2. Swammy and Salt harvesting shop

    10k white asiatic, 10k bsf, and 10k wheat please! (seperate in batches if needed) total of 7.5k
  3. Storage!

    Selling the following junk: Food/Flowers: 3k veggies - 0.5ea 1k lilacs - 0.5ea Armor/Magic/Weapons: 1 titanium helm - 20k 300 leather gloves - 20ea 1 long bow - 4.5k 2 gelatine bones removal - 20kea 1 antisocial removal - 25k 1 will removal - 45k reserved 1 vitality removal - 18k 1 reasoning removal - 12k 200 dis rings - 80ea 1316 harvest/degrade indicators - 28ea 70 fire arrows - 70ea Essences/Pots: 1.5k death essence - 8ea 300 100 true sight potion - 55ea 100 defense potion - 25ea 6 speed hax potion - 600ea Animal/Clothes: 244 fox fur - 6ea reserved 235 white rabbit fur - 4ea reserved 151 beaver fur - 5ea reserved 323 red snake skin - 7ea 150 wolf fur - 5ea reserved 87 puma fur - 4ea 95 cockatrice feather - 50ea 89 brown snake skin - 7ea 51 deer fur - 5ea reserved 4 3 2 mirror cloaks - 9kea 9 fur cloaks - 35ea Misc/Books: 1 serp stone - 4.5k 2 titanium long of thermal book - 2kea 1 titanium short of thermal book - 1.5k 1 titanium short of magic book - 1kea I offer delivery for purchases of 10k or more only. Please post here to buy so you don't get hit by a spammy afk message .
  4. Storage!

    Sorry Dushan, sanka posted first for the beaver furs.
  5. newhope bagjumper

    lol no i train so i can do better in invs its more like if there were no such thing as invasions i wouldnt be here
  6. newhope bagjumper

    :) well i saw you invis in like 6 giws invis, btw another one cleaver man who dont read pool name ? did i called anyone of thous bag jumpers? if yes then sorry, the only one jumper here is newhope. EDIT: and in MWAR was always honory guild, they always understand what they do, and always understand why they do that. Basically yes you were saying that because you're saying you're not the only bjer in invasions. umm yea i only play this game for invasions so that would make sense. #edit: and i also dont like dying
  7. newhope bagjumper

    I love how almost no one in those pics are on a bag and you don't know that people go invis to also not get destroyed by mobs? OMG SOMEONE INVIS HE MUST BE BJING! Seriously go get a fking life. Tries to make people look bad because he already looks bad, how pathetic.
  8. Empty vials & rings & storage!

    I would also like a lot of vials if you haven't stopped that service already lol, 10k of them please
  9. Storage Clear Out !

    Falcon and hawk feathers at 15ea? and bronze sword 17k?
  10. Auction 50k Silver!

  11. Storage big cleaning

  12. Storage Sell!

    1.5k for the short bow?
  13. Auction: 9k LEs, 9 ELEs...

    nvm i got big enough hoard of le for now
  14. Auction: 9k LEs, 9 ELEs...

    39k! for the le
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k diamonds please for a total of 32kgc ingame name is same
  16. Storage clearning

    50 skeleton keys for 7k?
  17. Sign up for "pr0" instances

    Ingame name: Teehee Timezone: EST Available: some weekdays after 3:15 pm, and most sundays.
  18. Small Sale

    22200 gc for all rope?
  19. 10k LEs

  20. Little sto sale

    I'll take snow leopard fur, and bear fur for 3150gc. And the tree shroomies for 5k?
  21. ***SALE***

    3k for both short bows?
  22. Tiger's Storage Sell/Auction

    actually nvm
  23. Dvarium

    Will that mean multiple enchanted tit long swords if lucky enough to make?
  24. ICD removal

    SOLD, close pwease
  25. selling STOR

    Psss check bottom of first post.. *flies away*