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  1. a little Sale :)

    tulips, poppies, blueberries, henbane, dandelions, yarrow, wormwood, rue, 15k mullein 1ea?
  2. Storage Sell

    Reasoning removal 10k? nightshade, yarrow, henbane, and dandelion 1ea? skelly keys 140ea? LE's for 4.5ea?
  3. Mixing service

    6k ae's please . I'll give you feast pots for them if food costs are getting too much.
  4. part of sto sale

    Cinnabar and Turquoise pwease!
  5. So here are some generous drops I got from harving ants: Special Swords: Start Bid: 5kgc Min Increment: 2k Buy Now: 30kgc Ice Swords: Start Bid: 2kgc Min Increment: 1kgc Buy Now: 15kgc OR Buy both for a BIN of 40kgc! Deadline is a week from now. PM me in-game or post here but preferably post since you'll most likely be slapped by my afk message
  6. Special Swords and Ice Swords MANU

    sold! thanks to all you bidded
  7. Storage Sale

    5k for crossbow?
  8. storage cleaning

    18k for bronze sword?
  9. Screenshot Thread

    Practicing limbo http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/199...elscreen027.jpg
  10. Gear

    Hawk feather 15ea?
  11. Selling stuffs pl0x

    no ty but thanks anyway
  12. Selling stuffs pl0x

    3k LE for 13k?
  13. Day of Schools

    Might I add a substitution for Day of Schools for summoning arenas could be to give double exp with or without the halved-mana bonus
  14. Storage Clearance

    nightshade, dandelions, and mullein 1ea?
  15. Screenshot Thread

    Lenny Pro Serper :< http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/199...elscreen025.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/199...elscreen022.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/199...elscreen023.jpg
  16. Storage Clearance

    Halberd 42k? and the COTU 6k?
  17. Sapphy's spring sale!

    All the nightshade, mullein, and poppies 11k? And the picks for 2.6k?
  18. Storage Sale

    I'll take the first two then ty
  19. Storage Sale

    All saphs, white tiger fur, ashes, and rope (6.8k?) mullein, nightshade, and dandelions for 4.5k? white asiatic lillies all for 16k?
  20. Storage sale

    892 for turq?
  21. Trading 14k FE ings+the feasting pots needed to mix them for 14k FE Also selling/buying the stuff in my schmurk market thingy (with the exception of the wtf got too many of those already ) and buying 3 rostos at 22kea
  22. some stuff

    I'll take the silver
  23. Sell Unused Items

    all the turq for 3.3k?
  24. Storage Clear Out !

    All votd rings at 55ea and pl rings at 40ea?