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  1. Creature Food Auction

    withdraw, i dont even know why im bidding
  2. Creature Food Auction

  3. Metal Bars Mixing Sweatshop!

    Let's see how this turns out. I'm offering free mixing for bars from iron to titanium as well as extracts. Just give me the ings and the amount of toadstools needed to mix them plus 1/2 of the total shroomies extra (e.g. 100 toads needed so I'll need 100+(0.5*100)=150 toads). This covers the cost of poison antidotes and sr's/he. Or you can give me 1 poison antidote per 100 toads needed. I will cover fails. PM me ingame or post here!
  4. 1k silver medallions!

  5. 1k silver medallions!

    Added auction deadline to first post.
  6. Creature Food Auction

  7. The Harvesting Shop!

    *changed my mind and want to order something else* 10k emeralds please for total of 30k! please do Burn's order first though since he posted before I ordered.
  8. The Harvesting Shop!

    10k silver please for total of 20k! ingame name is same
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, I'd like to order 10k emeralds for total of 30k please! ingame name is same
  10. Selling + Auction.

  11. small storage sale

    tulips and dandelions 1ea?
  12. storage sale

    WAL's and wormwood please!
  13. auctioning scythe

  14. Selling a Few Items

    crossbow 4.5k and training bolts 10.5ea?
  15. (small) Storage Sale :)

    I'll take the wormwood
  16. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    You are level 0 shapeshfting for the current creature! should be "shapeshifting"
  17. I'm looking for a few books.

    I have steel long of fire book if you still need.
  18. Sell Dragon Blade

  19. Storage Sale

    2 rostos 43k?
  20. items for sale, and buying some items

    I have 5k ogre toes and 5k tree mushies for you
  21. Sale of cool items.

    65 ea for wtf?
  22. Selling some stuff

    Hawk feathers 15ea
  23. Storage Sale

    40ea for ip rings and 170ea for glac rings?
  24. a little Sale :)

    150ea for the refined veggie mixture extracts?