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  1. Selling stuff

    1514 Potion of Feasting - 13gc each PM me or reply here please Wynn
  2. Boycott Learner

    Conspiracy Theory #203 This was all funded by Holar to take all the heat off of him for awhile. Learner is just the middle man. Seriously, very interesting topic. Has kept me thoroughly entertained. Good show, Learner Wynn
  3. The Desert Pines ND Arenas Showdown

    60s event - Wynn
  4. Auction: Geli Bones Removal Stone

    2 days left so I lowered the starting bid
  5. Auction: Geli Bones Removal Stone

    Let's start the bidding at 15k - 1k increments please. Auction ends Sunday Jan 11th at 18:00 GMT Buy now price 50k Drop a line here or PM me in-game, I reserve the right not to sell, blah, blah, blah Cheers, Wynn (in-game) edit: lowered starting bid
  6. Stoage Sell

    I offer 300kgc for black drag set (no helm) Wynn in-game
  7. Resource shortages idea

    Bring on the silver quotas - pretty sure I'm sorted Wynn
  8. Auction on CotM

    305k Wynn
  9. Zenial buys/sells

    I'll take BP cape... Wynn
  10. Selling Black Dragon Armor

  11. Selling Black Dragon Armor

    290k Wynn
  12. hyperbags

    Well, I didn't see this until this morning, so Igreedypie already had most of them Found purple behind Tutorial NPC, found 1 emerald behind Granny Lorpak (was that yours?? ebul) and some green goodies and gc on the barstool in front of the barman, where any self-respecting Irishman should be Thanks Leo!
  13. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I'll take any PK arrows left Wynn
  14. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    310 minor heal, any eva and acc pots, 100 wildness, 100 vitality, 100 invis, all FPs
  15. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    300 coord potions, all naralik rings, 30 IP rings In-game - Wynn