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  1. Hi, I love the new emotes, and I love the way you can enter them using text, as well as clicking on the icons. At the moment, you can combine the new emotes with speaking. Like typing: 1) "Hi. *waveleft" or 2) ":agrees. *nod" The client says the text and at the same time perform the action. This is great. However, it would be nice if the client edited out the *waveleft part, so it doesn't look silly. Just a suggestion, but I think it would make the text-command emotes more flexible. Tukin.
  2. v1.9.0

    There is another bug in the Naralik map, within site of the new store: The Tiger lilies at [150, 54] cannot be looked at, or harvested. The error says "You are too far away. Get closer" even if you are standing right on top of them. Tukin
  3. King_Rick and BlackRooseMib wedding

    Congrats! Have a swell time! Tukin.
  4. v1.9.0

    Hi, I am totally encased in rock in the Tarsengaard Gargoyle Cave :-) "You are in an inside area [319, 329]." Tukin
  5. v1.9.0

    Hi, here's another map-bug in Isla Prima. I feel like I have been encased in concrete by the mafia, waiting to be pushed into a river. Tukin P.S. The coords are 114, 154.
  6. New and updated trade bot list

    Hi, thanks for including Bookshop on the list. I am his owner. :-) Tukin.
  7. Typing "#STO" when fighting

    I've just found an interesting bug. I typed #STO when I was fighting a Feran, but to my surprise it came up with a storage window where every category was empty. I mean, nothing in "armor", nothing in "food" etc. It was as if I'd had a storage wipe. It worked fine again when the fighting was over. Later attempts to type #STO when fighting didn't bring up the window at all. It just gave the text "You have 295 out of 300 slots used." Again, it worked fine when the fighting was over. I don't know what the 'correct behaviour' is supposed to be, but if you open a storage window open before you begin fighting you can access it just fine. I'll keep investigating, and if I can narrow it down, I'll add it to this post. Tukin. P.S. Oops, please ignore the extra hash in the subject header.
  8. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, I am sitting in the wall in the Palon Vertas escape tunnels at [127, 336]. Tukin.
  9. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, My feet are in a rock in Grubani Peninsula [251, 337]. (Sorry the picture is so dark - it's night time). Tukin
  10. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, Found a small piece of transparent ground in Desert Pines - in an unused corner. The coordinates are 316,141. Tukin
  11. Bot payments

    Hi Radu, I have paid $20 for Bookshop's annual fee, plus $100 for a new blessing for Pru. Thanks, Tukin.
  12. bot owners...

    Hi everyone, Please sign me up to the bot-owner's forum. My bots are Bookshop & Pru, and they're both tradebots. Thanks, Tukin.
  13. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, there is a small hole in Vermor castle, right in the corner, where you can see the sky (I think). The coords are: White Stone [665, 422] Tukin.
  14. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, another map bug: The water in the lake in the South-West corner of the Crystal Caves seems to be at the wrong level. I can see 5 places where black is showing through (only when you look from an oblique angle). Here's an example, taken from "Crystal Cavern [16,38]" Tukin.
  15. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Hey, I'm inside a tree. :-) I'm also in Valley of the Dwarves - Mynadar Woods [129,68], near the toadstool. Tukin.