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  1. Wedding!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gratz!! im so gonna try to be there!
  2. PK counters tab

    Great Idea!
  3. Test server issues

    in VOTD i walked into one of the houses and all i saw was black.
  4. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Within Temptation - The howling & Blue eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDRVH5H84d4
  5. Artwork Updates

    WOW! Nice Work!!!!! Trolls look more human but still look ebul Awsome job!!
  6. Physical Magic Attacks

    Sounds cool but I wouldnt do spells that would hurt me as they are in use..still a cool idea minus the Damage they cause lol
  7. Be your own pet

    Awsome!!! I cant wait^^ One question: Would this mean that the shape shifting temple in Melinis might be opening to play a part in the tokens fail/success?
  8. The moon is turning red....

    woot ok so have fun with the invasion ill be hiding in a storage
  9. Energy Problems

    I mean it is annoying to lag while in a fight and log back in and be in the underworld but i learned to deal with it
  10. Gryphons

    Well i was thinking that it would be really cool if there were gryphons in the game as a pet or as a monster you can kill. like if you kill them you get a feather and maybe a claw or something. they would be sorta high level and found in secret areas on c2. Their feathers could be used for hats or something in the game and if they drop a claw they can be made into a weaponAnd if they were like a pet they could do special things like maybe work like the teleport to portals room spell and take you there or maybe to just look cool^^
  11. Negative perk removal stones!

    cool idea mp! see now my idea sparked some other good ideas!^^ oh and i think that this REALLY should be in the game^^
  12. Negative perk removal stones!

    Well ya i know taking a negative perk isnt to be taken lightly but what if it has been taken by accident? my friend was trying to get a perk and he clicked gelatine bones by mistake and he reset because of it now if the stone was in the game he wouldnt have to reset. And no pick points wouldnt be taken out they would be taken from where you placed them say like oyu spent them on human/will they would be removed from there.
  13. ok well i was thinking that it would be very cool if a Negative perk removal stone was added to EL as a rare stone that you have the chance of getting from harvesting. i mean who wants to Reset because of a neg perk? so tell me what ya think of my idea!!
  14. Eternal Lands is as popular as a Paper Cup

    Ive played Planeshift and i like el better not for the graphics but for the things that go on in EL like the contests i mean Plane shift may have them but EL contests rock!!!!!!!! rock on EL!!!!!!^_^
  15. i really think the spells would be cool but ive played mmorpg games with spells like that and they are ok but i dont play that game much any more as you can tell im on EL which i think could do without elemental spells but still an ok idea!^^