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  1. Don't meen to sound rude, but could we have some better screen shots next time two are pitch black (well for me) and hard to see anything other then names and health bar, and the other needed to be zoomed in a little before the screen shot was taken, I think I can just about see the dodgey floor in that one though. I'll check out that house later when my connection doesn't have 30,000ms ping <_<
  2. OOC: I don't think reseting should be done on this game, if it was it should be atleast every 8 or 9 months to allow players to reach high levels. Though granted a shorter time might meen some people start to work in groups or have a circle of helpers that they will need more then ever before. I was doing Manufacture and Alchemy both before and after the update I see no problem with the new times. Atleast you can or should appreciate them a little more if they took longer to get. Most games are not created with the idea of having everyone have a chance of becoming an High level jack of all trades in anything short of a long time of playing. You said pretty much the same as I did about the new system. Back to Topic: I voted do not allow same IP trading, as they can use a trustworthy third party (3rd player) to be a middleperson in the trade and it wouldn't take much more then a minute.
  3. messages show up in wrong order

    Perhaps they see the replies/ Answer posts above/ before the original/ question post, like this (but imagine in forum posts) post 1: Use the "use" icon and click on the food item post 2: How do I eat ? But others see, it like below. Post 1: How do I eat ? Post 2: Use the "Use" icon and click on the food item haven't really looked at this forums options much, but I know some other forums I go to you can alter the order of what the posts are displayed in, ascending, descending...etc
  4. Selling guild maps

    Erm whats the policy on guild maps and animal/ monster spawns ?, are they allowed to have some (if not PK) ??. Or are they not allowed to have animal/ monster spawns just like they can't have harvestable things on it.
  5. The Liger

    A liger is the result of breeding a male lion with a female tiger. It has stripes and spots. The spots are inherited from the lion parent even though adult lions do not appear to be spotted. The liger is a hybrid cat that inherits most of the strengths of both parent species and is larger than either. I was thinking about things like shambeling mounds/ swamp monster and sahuagin/ amphibias humanoids.
  6. The Liger

    ^ Real liger
  7. Fred Penner

    I thought he was banned for some reason
  8. Mother nature attacks!

    Before the new system regarding tele nexuses, I remember once I was ported a good 13 or so times within 20 minutes (I spent more time walking then harvesting at that harvest hour) I never even finished the harvest hour then and didn't harvest again for a full week incase it happened again.
  9. Harvesting experience...

    I don't see a problem with the 120 succesful harvest cap, I would rather get all 120 done straight away and then be able to go do something else without having to wonder about keeping myself near a store and decent harvest location just because I could get some more harvesting done a few minutes later. Its fine (well to me anyway), you can always Harvest more advanced things (when your able to) if you want harvest exp and then do alchemy for some more exp.
  10. What type of player are you?

    achiever because I suck at the rest.
  11. Titanium

    Tit longs and shorts don't require EFE's unless I missed something
  12. im weak any suggestions?

    I'am not too sure but I think enriched fire essences can go for around 3Kgc to 7Kgc (depends how many are floating around and if someone desperately needs them for what ever reason). Normal fire essence go for around 3 to 4.5 gc each.
  13. Titanium

    Perhaps you could make it into bars then sell the bars...(perhaps your not really high enough alchemy level wise, but you can store it until you can later).
  14. Randoms...

    I get TPed on average twice per every 10 minutes of harvesting worse I ever got was GP but thats not supposed to be a place you get ported too. Worst since (and by far the most numerous location) is Naralik. I thought you didn't get sent to PK places ever while Harvesting now guess I'am wrong.
  15. Randoms...

    Thats why its a good idea to get defense to around level 22 or so, so then if you do get ported to Naralik the Gobs leave you alone. It can be raised to 22 very quickly taking on Deer then Foxes and later Wolves (I did it in 1 day and I'am crap at fighting) shouldn't take anyone else as long as it did me. But I agree that TPs are annoying but until something is added to stop Macroers that doesn't effect proper players then I guess we will have to deal with it. :-(
  16. Buying Tit Chain And A Tit Serp Sword

    Take some potions, or wait till you can take Gobs on, no point getting good stuff only to die to the gobs again and loose it.
  17. Too Many Books!

    I've been given rare summoning book (Garg), steel/ Iron Axe books (ok so I can't use the axe ones yet but still got them) and Orc fighting, not to mention the several medallions and rings I was given all this was given to me free over about 2 weeks by 4 different players. If your having trouble with reading the books then raise your will and utilise the rationality it increases, effectively it greatly shortens the time. even if you not happy later with the will you can always reset your character and start to get your OA again (faster then previously, because your skills are carried over) and you keep your read books. I see no problem with the book lengths at all, its not like your limited to sitting and doing nothing while reading them, your still free to fight, harvest, Alchemy..etc.