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  1. Summoning (possibally soon to be known as conjuring) might be having a big change..thats all I remember reading somewhere...
  2. what s skill do you prefer?

    Manufacture :-)
  3. resyncing with the server

    Try to turn off things like reflections. clouds and shadows..etc that helps my computer ru n the game by loads.
  4. Image puzzle

    All I did to get past 8 was save it to hdd then opened it in paint and took the color that the first letter used and then used fill on the others if they changed colour then I wrote down those and had the answer, (Currently on 11)
  5. Image puzzle

    Are you using internet explorer or something else Freeone ? try it in Internet explorer, I had the same trouble till I tried IE
  6. Two Weps

    If you can't wield dual axes, what about Axe and sword combo ?
  7. Can't create potion

    There is also no 100% success rate (not anymore) for anything other then recomended level 0 things (Like mana pots, Fire essence and Fur gloves). You could be level 50 potions and you still only have around a 95 to 99% (can't remember what it is exactly, think its 98%) success rate, meaning out of 100 you shall still fail occasionally on even the most basic of things (except for the already mentioned recomended level 0 things, that are always 100% succesful). The recomended level is around 50% success, each level higher then the recomended increases that 50% by a little bit more so every level you get in an skill the less chance you have to fail at specific items. I think its best to make (or summon, if we are talking summoning) the 100% success items, sure they give the worst exp in all the skills areas, but you can get to level 10 in those skills fast that way and then move onto the 3rd perhaps the 4th thing in the skill area and start getting more exp making the slightly more advanced things.
  8. iron shield & npc

    Keep them and use them as spares for when your training or fighting and you need a new shield (if the older one breaks).
  9. Storage balance

    You can type something like #storage Iron Ore and other things to see how much you have of a specific thing.
  10. England

    Me, Sheffield
  11. Axe manu

    Aren't those the "old" recipes CrusadingKnight, or did they revert back to the first recipes and not mention it on the new updates list ?
  12. Axe manu

    - Axes Formulas : Iron Axe: 1 wood handle, 10 iron bars, 13 FE , 16 WE , 9 AE. Hammer needed in inv. - Steel Axe: 1 wood handle, 12 steel bars, 18 FE, 23 WE, 11 AE. Hammer needed in inv. - Tit Axe: 1 wood handle, 12 Titanium, 1 EFE , 4 serpent stones, 1 EWE , 20 AE. Hammer needed in inv.
  13. The game isn't hard just requires a little planning and patience :-)
  14. Dwayne scammed me out of 20k!

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...=0entry128041 recipe is out...
  15. I think it was decided not to allow same IP trading but this threads poll was never closed and the thread was not ended and so votes kept coming in.
  16. Ak1

    Don't think I think I remember he did some bad stuff got banned, was allowed back then nearly got banned again then he danced around the line (of whats allowed) and then got bored and went away...till now...
  17. Ak1

    Yes Ak1 as returned
  18. idea about animal spawns

    If monster raids/ Excursions happened (Something I like the sound of, but not something for this thread) you could have 3 or 4 random spawns after it as been beaten off, sortof like the straglers left behind or turning up late. But as I said thats something for another thread. As for this suggestion the above idea made by Kami sounds good and would increase the number of raw meat around and perhaps lessen some conflict between Bunny hunters on IP aswell. :-)
  19. Ak1

    If I remember correctly he was an old troublemaker returned...
  20. I thought it was decided that cheating would not be allowed but bag trading would for those on the same IP.
  21. Items for sale

    There is also Adarah (found near Raven in Grahms) and Quartermaster (found in VOTD graveyard)..
  22. Items for sale

    Both can be found cheaper from other players, and the Trade Bots such as Nera and Linux (when they have some).
  23. Selling guild maps

    you would have to wait for the next update, I reckon.
  24. Dwayne scammed me out of 20k!

    You can always get the recipes for free, never give someone you don't know, anything if they promise to give you the recipe...Fur boots recipe is in your encyclopedia... Also if you get someones deathbag, its advised to mention you found someones deathbag on chat (not local one)and also the location and that the owner should message you (private message) you with what they lost, if they get most of it correct its probably theirs and should be returend to them. I really doubt anyone will give you anything along the lines of 10k+ because you fell for someones scam though. I also read somewhere, on this forum today about Dwayne and someone else having troubles with his younger brother hijacking his account or something like that. I can't find it perhaps someone else can.
  25. I know a game where there is NO safe places, there are ports and stations but they can be raided and then your PKable again :-P (I know atleast a few other people know this game, but I wont advertise it here for obvious reasons).