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  1. Depletable Resources Poll

    I voted no also. I thought the mini events were a horrible idea (or at least the way they are currently implemented), I feel this one is even worse. I understand why these are being implemented/considered, but it's also having the effect of punishing everyone for the actions of a few.
  2. Linux 32/64b static binaries (with data)

    Seems to run ok on Fedora 8. gotta run around a bit and try stuff out. Well, after some running around a bit and trying stuff out, skybox drops my frame rate to 1/2 or less, and reflections either with or without skybox drops my frame rate to 0. geforce fx 5200 OpenGL Ver. 2.1.2 NVidia 173.14.09
  3. Items for sale

    added new items and changed qty available on some others.
  4. storage selling

    i'll take all the minerals
  5. Items for sale

    added more items
  6. Items for sale

    added new items, removed sold items.
  7. Items for sale

    added more items
  8. Items for sale

    What's your name in game? (if you're on)
  9. Items for sale

    I have the following items for sale. Food: 239 bread - 1gc each Tools: 100 ring molds - 100gc each 65 medallion molds - 110gc each 200 mortar & pestles - 90gc each Weapons: 1 emerald claymore - 23kgc 1 rapier - 23kgc 4 titanium long sword - 875gc 2 iron axes - 900gc each 5 frying pans - 750gc each Astrology Indicators: 150 a/d indicators - 32gc each 75 criticals indicators - 35gc each Potions: 11 potions of magic - 70gc each 125 BR's - 15gc each 250 potions of vitality - 20gc each 28 potions of coordination 35 potions of manufacturing 5 potions of defense Metals: 20 tin bar - 1.5kgc each Books 1 book of IP ring building - 100gc 1 book of elf fighting - 3kgc 1 book of human fighting - 3kgc 1 tit short construction - 1kgc 1 s2e of fire construction - 6.5kgc 1 iron broad of fire construction - 5kgc 1 potion of manufacturing- 500gc 1 tit mining - 100gc 1 moon medallion building - 100gc Please PM me in game if you want to purchase anything.
  10. 12k for tit long of thermal book.
  11. Searching for some books

    you're not likely to get much if any discount on NPC books. you'll certainly be able to buy them for more than what the NPC charges though.
  12. Auction

    removing my bid as i already read the book. sorry.
  13. Auction