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  1. Română

    Voi staţi pe canalul 999 dedicat chatului în limba română?
  2. server shut down?

    I was trading in just that moment. I waner if I lost something.
  3. Română

    He, he, he... un pic de română pe căldura asta... băieți, v-ați cam lenevit. Nu mai văd nimic în secțiunea News a forumului. Mai lăsați dracu vacanța și apucați-vă de treabă Btw: nu este cea mai bună idee să-ți petreci vacanța în România
  4. Wraith

    Food levels are good ideea! It should be related some how with the matereial ponits - more material points, more food.
  5. Welcome Back Rogue ;)

    Welcome back!!!!
  6. What about setting shortcut keys for spells? Anyone who played Neverwinter has saw the utility of Shortcut Keys for different spell. Those shortcuts allow faster switching of spells. For example, in a combat situation is very useful to switch FAST between SHIELD-HARM-RESTORATION (only a example). Of corse, these new keys can be set for 4 or 5 (or more) and the spells for each can be written in the .ini file.
  7. Named Bags

    Well, a good ideea is the name of the owner to stay only a time (let's say 3/4 of the bag life). After this time the name will dissapear and the bag will be "free".
  8. Marriage

    Marriage is good (in the game ). And should be a place to officialize the commitment. But not a church! Not all the players are cristians! We need more like a city hall. And to officialize the marrige should need some witnesses. Players witnesses! They should say somthin like We agree with this uninon. Married players shoul have something like shared HP (!), automatically geting random items from the dead partner, knowing when the other is dead, and maybe the most important is to have some special magic ONLY FOR THE FAMYLIES!!!, or, the existing ones to get stronger when are made by them in a special way (ex: family mode).
  9. EL too dark?

    I voted NO: all problems can be solved by adjusting the monitor settings.
  10. Emathug A.k.a Bufu

    If you have that Rostogol stone in you inventory, you don't loose anything when you die, except that stone.
  11. Eternal landish

    It is an ancient language. I thought it is a dead language. But, it looks that are few who stiil speak it. It was spoken in Northern Europe until 5th century and suprisingly in some isolated villages in Tansilvanya. I know few words: WEee noi arrr sunnntem stiyl| âncã hERe aici.
  12. Ce pula noastra?

    Oh... Speram ca macar aici sa scapam de mitocaniile autohtone. Este adevarat ca Entropy a dat tonul, dar lui i se trece cu vederea. Ii rog pe admini sa interzica posturile anonime si sa stearga mesajele anterioare pline de "substanta". Acum parca vad ca or sa inceapa flood-ule cu "m**e Becali" sau cu alte chestii sensibile sufletului romanesc. Va rog baieti: folositi forumul acesta pentru chestii legate de EL. Lasati acasa proasta crestere!
  13. God Quests - What I get?

    Guys, there is a very important thing you omitted to speak about: If I choose to follow Mortos, I'll start winth rank -2. That means every attack Xp I'll make with this rank it will be substracted from my existing XP!!!. A recommandation is you to have already all the items for 2-3 quests when you go to Mortos!
  14. God Quests - What I get?

    I think to folow the Defence God - Aluwen. On Alastria's manuals say that I get Free Heal at any time?". What is that question mark? I need to complete all the quests to get that free heal? What if I'm folowing the Attack God Mortos? I get 15 Atk anytime?
  15. Vatican City

    Hm, the official language here is Latin. So: Acvila non capit muscam or Et in Arcadia Ego