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    Look behind you ^^
  1. Storage sale!

    Ok, everything must go Harvestable: 327 chrysanthemums 182 toadstools 334 sunflowers 448 silver ore 51 gold ore 54 iron ore 141 sulfur 646 coal 300 gypsum Weapons: 3 titanium longs Armours: 6 augmented leather pants 11 leather pants 6 leather boots 2 steel chainsOnly 1 left! 2 steel shieldsOnly 1 left! 2 iron helms Magic: 6 moon meds only 1 left! 6 uni meds 5 diss rings 2 votd rings Essences: 52 energgy ess 72 magic ess 150 health ess 7 spirit ess 87 fire ess 6 life ess 10 matter ess Potions: 44 SR 23 Def pots 88 minor heal pots 11 Atk pots 10 coord pots 3 TS pots 125 FPs Animal: 192 deer antlers 72 deer fur 94 wolf fur 52 brown rabbit fur 7 white rabbit fur 61 beaver fur 25 rat tails 6 red snake skins Clothes: 1 MM cloak 1 FR cloak 1 Conjurer cloak Misc/Books: 135 thread 1 saltpeter 1 book of steel shield construction 1 book of potion of physique 2 titanium short construction 1 book of potion of manufacturering 1 book of titanium molding Just offer on all of this. And gc only plz. Leave a forum message and contact me ingame (please leave your ingame name aswell)
  2. Artwork Updates

    Wow! Donkeys! Nice work roja
  3. We need more players here

    I also think that the $5 fee is a bit of a problem. I would have been on like instantly if it were not for that As for now, i'm just waiting for Albazz to logg on then i pay him for his $5 and poof im on.
  4. In Memoriam

    I didn't know you at all, but i hope you Rest in Peace.
  5. YAY! Summoning 100

    omg.. gratz! u r teh pr0!
  6. We need more players here

    Im in same situation, as soon as i find a buyer, ill get a acc.
  7. Artwork Updates

    Ya i wanna know that too. And how will you see their name? will it be like players, or will you have to click them or what?
  8. Artwork Updates

    I wanna see a tiny gnome with longbow Good job there Roja!
  9. SleepyJo

    1, where do you find gobs in dp, I have never seen any ?2. how do you know zigman is telling the truth ? Could have been him too. Did you pm SleepyJo ?' If you did, did he answer ? That someone stand at the spot you died, don't mean he took the bag. Sry, i took all the market stuff and "welcome to..." out, missed DP. i was in VotD gold caves. Yes, i did PM SleepyJo, he didnt answer. I also tried talking to him in local chat, didn't answer. I reckon if he didn't take the stuff, then when i asked "can i have stuff plz" he would have replied something like "i don't have it" instead of remaining silent.
  10. SleepyJo

    I had just arrived at gob spawn, 3 or 4 other people were there including SleepyJo. I attacked a gob and took a few hard hits and wasnt able to heal fast enough, and died. I couldn't remember any of the names there, so i couldn't ask them to bagsit for me. When i arrived back, the bag was gone, and i saw SleepyJo standing where i had died. I have the chat log for proof. [18:33:15] Lorfy's body cannot live without the mind. [18:33:15] You have died and gone to the Underworld! [18:33:16] You need 1 Health Essence and you have 0 [18:36:20] Lorfy: any1 get db? [18:36:37] zigman: sleepyjo he is a bag jumper [18:36:46] Lorfy: can i have stuff plz I know he didn't steal much (mainly steel chain, hes, srs, moon med) but he was still bjing beyond doubt. So just watch out for him.
  11. Lvling in manu

    K, that will get me started. I got another question, is it worth taking up manu god with low amounts of money? Is the first 2-3 quests cheap or expencive? Thx.
  12. Lvling in manu

    Hi, im new to manufacturing, and want to know what is the most efficiant way of getting to high lvls (maybe while making a bit of profit?). I know to do leather quest and that leather helms r good exp, but thats about it. So any1 got any advice for a newbie manufacturer?
  13. funny..

    eerrrmmm... if it was usurp wouldn't they call it surp, not serp? some1 would've noticed
  14. Gender Poll

    w00t my first post male IRL male ingame ofc