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  1. God Please save PK

    Don't forget, there's always the PK Server!
  2. Hey guys im back

    Hooray Handyman! I've been taking the summer off, but now think I will come back sooner!
  3. PK hosted bots page

    Good idea, thanks Star! That will come in handy during my early morning skimming of the web... the only thing I would like better is a phone call saying "Out of bed, Sluggo, it's Sun Tzu Day!"
  4. Rare finds, what did you get

    Nothing special about finding the Nenorocit any more, I just thought it was funny watching it swim around in the sewers...
  5. Reaching Cap

    I'll go for it. I may not buy many myself but with extra gc from 50k drops, I can afford to buy the armor/weapons. Piggy isn't high enough Manu to make the fancy stuff yet, but someday...
  6. My first first...

    What's right with this picture?
  7. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    I'd hate to see them TOO available, but you are right, we do need more. I've only found two since the server started and one of those was a fail.
  8. Players u missed

    Wow! Lots of familiar names! I miss my best in-game pals SyWren and Peino. Mugwump still misses VixeyRose who disappeared so long ago.... I also miss my friends from Main server since I've been spending all my time on PK
  9. Invasion Thread

    Ormion Crypt clear TG Garg cave clear TG Orc cave clear Vermor Castle clear Luxin Castle clear WS underground clear Portland and caves clear WS sewers clear MM and caves clear Naralik and catacombs clear Grubani clear Tirnym clear IP clear
  10. Sand Paintings

    Amazing! That's better than any Etch-A-Sketch artwork and more imaginative!
  11. I might be sounding like a broken record (whatever that means ) and I know I'm not good at practicing what I preach but the best way to attract players on PK is to advertise on Main. It's easy to get a conversation started then dig in and extol the virtues of the great land of PK! I've gotten a few people interested that way in the past, but now that we have 'loaner' characters for tryouts we may get a few bites. Also getting in touch on Main and here in forums with people that used to play and try to talk them into coming back for a visit at least. We have MrHide back with his invasions which is a great selling point, too.
  12. daily quests

    The dailies add a new dimension to the PK Server. There is plenty of room and time for one player to take on the a/d quests alone, or we can cooperate and help each other complete them. It also gives the PK stalkers areas to hunt unwary players. Keep them coming, and thanks!
  13. The magical fleet

    That was a fun invasion, not to forget! Three cheers for MrHide!!
  14. Who the hell are you?

    Just for the record, here's the Piggy clan roster: Piggy Hawg Gramps Javelina Grandmama I sold Bazna, but I'm keeping this line-up as is.
  15. New Channel (Guild Channel)

    As opposed to starting new this issue again, I am following this thread. Channel #4, EL General Chat has become strictly recruitment messages and lost it's chat purpose. Channel #6 Invasion Chat has become a general chat channel and I'm confused! The Help Channels plus Market Channel make sense of themselves, but EL General Chat should be just that and the advertising should have it's own channel. I miss updating my player status among regular friends without using the Invasion Channel to find them. #4 Did serve a purpose, and was always worth the modding I think. It would be nice to have it back. Thanks.... Sam, Mugwump, Piggy