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  1. DPA King of the Ring Tournament

    I smell a flame war I'd donate if i could remember my main's password xD Oh well hope it's fun.
  2. Server wipe+reconstruction. People will get brand new chars same names and P2P if they had it. Only real solution.
  3. Outlaws

    I looked at this on the main page thinking someone was making a topic about Woodeh (Bugspray) and Prohibited killing more goblin trainers and then running, and i found something as dumb as this. Kinda glad i left because Prohibited just keeps getting sadder and sadder each day. Respect for Woodeh of course because he at least has enough guts to attack mains and not just chase down and kill alts. Waste of a topic imo. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Selling steel cuisses

    ouch dude you know how hard it was to get those? like 2 on the server . Off to change my siggy...
  5. I'll pay 1,300 gc for 100 raw meat, bones, and deer fur. I'll try to continue to make this order, if you accept it.
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    The siggy is better lol
  7. Community restrictions on sales-bots,

    I voted 2, 4, and 1 and 3 iirc.
  8. EL and WIndows Vista?

    Try right clicking on your desktop icon and if you can "Run as administrator". That used to work when the client was 1.6 and it wouldn't start normal. I also have the same video card or damn close and i have to say it's not that great, so set everything off in effects and sky client off and also set it to ppor man. That's helped me a few times. I also have vista (go figure) and it periodically gets problems which are fixed in the next update, so make sure you run windows update. Also if you want to try to update/rollback your driver just go into the search your own computer bar, type in "device manager", bring it up, click display adapters, then your graphic card and click. This will bring up a window with a few tabs, click the driver tab and update, or if you have to rollback your drivers. Try all that and if it doesn't work contact a professional or seek more advice. Hope that helps you.
  9. The Tahraji Desert NDD Clash

    Sign me up as a backup archer or something. It will be fun just to play but if NDD comes to soon i won't have any gc for arrows
  10. Selling Black Dragon Armor

  11. Run Run as fast as you can ReMuS

    Me needs a new serpy but i'll probably be at my relatives. Maybe i'll make it we'll see.
  12. PkG back?

    Umm more like Bugs just changed his tag to seem pr0. On topic: Just the name and guild run by pookies would probably be enough to bring more real PKers over here.
  13. Server updates?

    Till Tessy gets ahold of me or vice-versa, my PK server name is Mango. (It's in the siggy people)
  14. Happy Birthday.

    Happy birthday handy
  15. Quote of the week submissions

    i love this one
  16. "ALL To Sto" Button

    I think they will do it, just not at the top of the list of importance.
  17. Showing off

    Somebody's jealous gratz segor
  18. Server updates?

    I really only want the bug fix update. Do we need tons of new items? I think we might be better off having less items, (no armors beyond titanium, no bronze swords, and special great swords which from what i've seen and read, cause dispute) but i have no real say obviously.
  19. Community restrictions on sales-bots,

    That's kind of funny as HEs are the best seller. As to other stuff, if it doesn't sell then supply/demand will start pushing the prices down. It's always easier to slowly drop prices to trigger sales than it is to raise prices to slow sales down. People appreciate the former, and react badly to the latter. But as usual, the tread repeatedly wanders aimlessly off-topic. Clear reason that hes are the best seller. People like me make gc while training or use their alts to harv and sell stuff for gc and rather spend that gc then take time out of training to practice alch and harv silver to make them ourselves or with our alts. Also new players who start up are trying to at least get to restore lv so they can keep/catch up with everyone else the best they can. Keep churning them out, we'll keep burning them up. #Edit: Sorry for going off topic. since i already stated my opinion.
  20. Selling Jagged Saber

    Now it won't take 50 days i'll still just be working for a binding stone.
  21. Community restrictions on sales-bots,

    Very simple. 1 bot per every ten people a guild has (including alts). That way if a supplier guild grows to 20+ people they can have 2 bots to export their goods. This can be abused by someone buying or making characters to have 10 in their guild, but if someone wants it that bad i say let them have it. Also this makes it so a 1-2 person guild can't get a bot, which i really don't see a problem with since usually one person can easily sell their goods to players or other people's bots. Even though there isn't even 50 people on the server, i believe that a guild that grows to that many should be limited at 5. There is also a limited amount of safe areas a bot can be placed on this server, so i think there should be a bot limit for this server at 10, at least until the population grows to 100+. On the advertising note, i don't think any bot advertising is needed. If the bot is put in an area like VotD, people will see it anyway, and bot owners can always advertise their own bots. That's my 2 cents.
  22. Who the hell are you?

    Main server characters: Omega1, bigshock28, a char i want to make a bot but yet to get the $$ Characters on PK server: Mango, Ryosuke (currently being loaned to zipher4) Guilds: Main: ARMY (GM) PK: ARMY (GM)
  23. Do you want Trade bots on PK server

    Haven't voted yet no.
  24. 2 Auctions

    Fire sword book auction: Starts at 5kgc Increase by 1kgc Bidding ends when i log on friday. I reserve the right not to sell if i don't like the price. I also reserve the right not to log on friday/saturday morning, but i'll try my best. Current bid: 11kgc - Handyman Magic sword book auction: Starts at 5kgc Increase by 1kgc Bidding ends when i log on friday. I reserve the right not to sell if i don't like the price. I also reserve the right not to log on friday/saturday morning, but i'll try my best. Also a few books for sale: 2x Book of Crafting Potion Book of Titanium Molding Book of Titanium Smelting Titanium Short construction 2x Book of Magic Potion Book of Potion of Summoning Just offer on these though, my general rule is if you offer 1kgc more then NPC for books the NPC buys for 1kgc+ i will trade or if the NPC pays in the 100s and you offer 500gc more i will trade, but ask first. Happy bidding! Mango/Ryosuke *As of this post i will not be trading with Prohibited/Hibernate due to the childness he displayed in channel 1 this morning. This may change in future but it is unlikely.
  25. 2 Auctions

    Auctions over. I'll get to you as soon as i can handy.