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  1. Ban

    so, thank you very much I don't know why i've been unlocked a while after I post. by the way thank you also to reply
  2. Ban

    Hi can a moderator contact me here or in private , I got my char locked, and don t know the reason, tyvm
  3. A new way of mind.

    Hi here. I used to break the law of the game, for maybe 1 month, but I really miss my character "Harald" In Game. I promise 1st a carefuly reading of rules and then a better attitude of my part in EL . Thanks to understand, and maybe unlock.
  4. Hi everibody, i sell the book steel long sword of magic. The enchers begin at 3kgc! do your offers, bye =)
  5. My account was banned

    Yes ok i've understand. I want Gargoroth. I dont knew trade between my too account it's illegaly, sry.
  6. My account was banned

    Can I have now please ? =)
  7. My account was banned

    The french.
  8. My account was banned

  9. My account was banned

    Aaa ok. I believed Gargo was deleted. I want Gargo
  10. My account was banned

    Gargo?.. I can have Harald ?
  11. My account was banned

    A ok. Thank you . If it's possible Gargoroth is ok. Keep the stuff at who 0o ?
  12. My account was banned

    Sry. Iv'e don't very good understand. I've one choise that's that ? If I can choise I want Gargoroth if it's possible.
  13. My account was banned

    Yes, it's bad, i've not read the rules :s. But now i can't recup my account ? No solutions ?
  14. My account was banned

    Hi. I've one account who was banned. Gargoroth. I want to know what i can do for rehad it. I wait a answer please and thank for read this message.