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  1. First summoned fluff \o/

    nice ^^
  2. Summon skill......

    u use em also lol u got killed by stones i guess?? lame The only time i use them is in self defence of when a noob summons one, so stfu.
  3. Summon skill......

    Agreed, pls get rid of these stones
  4. Happy New Year :)

    Happy New Year!!!
  5. summon stones

    And maybe since bombs have like a radioactive effect, maybe the people on the bordoring map's of the map it was set off on would get poisoned Just a thought
  6. #BEAM ME

    Yes i agree, thats why maybe 3-5 times an hour....they will still be able to beam just a limited amount of times
  7. #BEAM ME

    I think it would be a good idea to like limit "#beam me" to like 3-5 times an hour or so kinda like harv hour because people are just beaming right when they see you and its impossible to even atk any1 like that. What do you think?