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  1. Atmosfear

    snoozys guide to faking outlaws! make fake logs if you see someone training on a monster with a sword.. attack it barehanded, then make a screenshot and claim hes a spawn serper if you see someone on a bag , make a screenshot while you are saying 'bagjumper' !! hope this help you guys out !! np my pleasure
  2. Level dependent summoning

    nice idea i always tought summoners never had any bonus over other people with like 70 lvls less.. maby add some HP boost to the monsters? or change there effects abit per lvl ? cycloons idea is nice too, but maby better if it be changed only in pvp/pk and not by AI so u cant get easy dragon kills etc
  3. General store

    yeah1!!!! put 1 on IP aswel ;*)
  4. minimap

    i think the minimap is way to big and takes to much space..(open thetab map if you want to see more) cant we have somehting like this?
  5. EL Demographics

    i love how people say 4+ and i have never never see them before
  6. fluffy :D

    Tit short 15~ restores 10~ br's
  7. fluffy :D

    lol no.. just a sword
  8. First summoned fluff \o/

    and who killed it?
  9. KF forts

    exp boost 5% a/d = more pvp = more fights
  10. Resize Windows

    yeh would be a nice feature to ave
  11. Selling stuff and service

  12. IEDP

  13. Enriched essences and binding stoens from shop

    actualy there might be harm..in people sell the items to others and earn gc.. like they do with thermal serps