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  1. Looking For A Guild

    Ok. Me too. I will give up on my own guild if I can find a decent guild to join. Yes, I am back and don't ask.
  2. SleepyJo guild |W|

  3. Team Building for Entering 60/80 Instance

    If need be this thread can be closed. I won't go in this instance any more probably. I started another mmorg and might not have the time any more.
  4. Team Building for Entering 60/80 Instance

    I am sorry. But RL ruled me out of tonight. Sorry again if I blew anybody off who was waiting for it.
  5. Client Performance Improvement

    True. I have to take back my statement about the improved FPS. It is not the case.
  6. Client Performance Improvement

    Tested on Ubuntu 8.10. - Definitely faster game loading a felt 50% at least - A lot faster map loading. Another at least 50% - and I think I gained a minimum of 10 to 12fps. Thanks for this great little script.
  7. Team Building for Entering 60/80 Instance

    Due to my a/d I am offering a last N00b instance run on Saturday, 17 January at 8/9pm GMT+1. I promise not to jump to the next lvl. Please read the entire thread before signing up. This time I would really like to finish this instance before I become a muler for the next one because of my a/d. I would also suggest we try to take some (not tons!) of tiger summoning stones with us to get through the Melteans without too many losses. And pleeeaaaase wait until everybody is ready as a mule to join. We lost too many supplies the last time.
  8. I started a new topic to keep this for team building and coordination to go in the N00B instance. Please post if you are going to join. I'll be idling at below time in MM. PM me if you have any organizational questions. Stuff you need: - 1 mule glyph - 2 creature food - tons of SRS and less HEs. - a couple of rostos if you plan to stay longer than 15 minutes (First wave is easy, second wave is hard). - up to 5 diss rings - Best gear (it goes without saying that we will try and recover any DB and return it, if you run out of rostos) Supplies will be spread upon the participants according to their carry capacities when preparing to go in into the instance. Drops collected will be shared at the end at Votd docks and given out equally even if you didn't manage to finish. Next instance run is on: Monday, 5 January, 8/9pm (GMT+1) Channel will be announced on the spot. For this run I would like to get at least 7, if not 9 players together, to finally finish the instance once. If you have high ranging/magic lvl than please apply too! This might be well needed for the last wave of Giants. The ideal team would be 5 high lvl fighters and 4 supporters with ranging/magic/summonig capabilities (even though I don't know the effects of summoning yet on the team players, but I assume, summoned creatures will not attack team members, but we can try that with a rat or two when we get there.) And if you have the capability of taking a video that would be awesome. Next run is on: Saturday, 17 January at 8/9pm GMT+1 I'll be idling in MM sto again starting 7:30pm. So far we are 3. Quesar FallenMikac and me. ((If this post is not appropriate here or not wanted, pls move it and let me know. I will adjust accordingly Thank you.))
  9. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    That's correct. I just checked with the NPC. 180/160/150 hours for the different instances.
  10. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    I think I still have to wait until tomorrow night for my 180hrs countdown. I will be on at 8:30/9pm (GMT+1) ready to go. Just PM me. I'll be idling in MM sto.
  11. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    First of all I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Radu and the guys developping this game. Second of all PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS INSTANCE. It is really worth it even though it seems to be some Rosto bin, but it's worth the fun and Radu has been really supportive in this matter. Thank you again. Here are some experiences from my second trip to the 60/80 instance. And here goes a special Thanks to this great team we had. We were only 5 guys but we managed to get almost through by making it all through to the 4th wave which is Hill Giants, I assume from previous posts. Here is the FANTASTIC 5, marvelous team. Guys, you were awesome. http://s729.photobucket.com/albums/ww294/S...elscreen009.png Now, here is what we experienced: - First of all, kill all monsters in a wave before you proceed. Rather stay in the place where they are then go wandering around. It takes too much time to find 1 or 2 left overs when you run off from the spawn before all of them are killed. On the one hand the map might look too big but it actually isn't. And I strongly recommend getting the Bloodsucker map. Let the monsters come to you (even more important after the Chim wave). The next wave will not spawn until you killed the previous one. And if you are too far out from the second wave spawn you end up chasing them or getting surrounded. We all had a mutual death at one point in the second wave because we got surrounded and basically couldn't get out. - Second, Do not calculate your HEs/SRSs with a regular combat calculator. All of us ended up with far too many HEs and no SRS left. That's the main reason why we had to give up and couldn't complete the 4th wave. Otherwise we would have given the Giants a big hug and try. I am not sure if it would be worth taking mines etc. The monsters have an awesome HP and I think it would take truck loads to kill them by land mines or even having the mines help to take them down since the effect would be rather minimal compared to their HP. - The instances are an absolute Team play arena. I know this has been mentioned before but it cannot be mentioned often enough. Everybody has to trust everybody. Always stay together in one group. Elect one commander (or rather 'Platoon Sergeant') who gives the orders and points out the retreats and gives orders for attack/retreat etc. Share your stuff, i.e. SRS/HE/Rostos etc to keep everybody on the team on. Meet at the end of the instance to share your profits and everybody should be honest about it. And everybody will get his/her fair share. - The strongest players should always lead the team and be ahead of the rest to catch the mobs. Once they have been inflicted in a fight all the others should storm to help. By strongest I mean players who are really close to the limit of the instance. No single little exploring trips. Don't go on your own! You will die and even worse put the whole team in danger. Especially when it gets dark/night you will not be able to see the mobs until they actually attack. Very! dangerous. (At least with my basic rationality!) - Make sure you have 3 hours of time to play constantly. Your team relies on you and it can take the trip down if somebody has too leave all of a sudden (Thanks to my wife, I didn't have too, but I missed supper) - Always take your best gear (I am not sure but I would leave dragon gear where it's at. Or it's just me who is not ready to loose it or have it damaged) - The best weapons (thermals) apparently help a lot. - The higher your Coords the better. My coords are at 47 and I didn't get hit very much compared to the others. This doesn't mean that you should get your coords up to 48 while being a/d 60 or so. I don't think this instance is a good training place for a/d but a serious fun place. - If you don't have the NMT perk take the cape. Otherwise you might have to take some serious damage on your armour. I made 67k Att XP in a little bit over an hour and 4!!! def XP. I think, this tells something about the strength of the mobs. - Take like 100 to 120 SRS and the rest in HEs depending on your EMU. Mobs drop more HEs than SRSs. In fact at one point we had to leave mobs drop bags behind because nobody was able to carry it. - The waiting time from having been in the instance and entering the next one is 180 Hours!!! i.e. almost a week!!. If you use a serpent stone it reduces the waiting time by 50 HOURS!!. Only an invasion token (20k gc) will give you instant access again. And last not least again my special thanks to Radu for making this happen. Even though I am going to be out of this instance soon and probably joining the next higher one as the arsendcharlie I still heavily recommend this instance. I felt rather sorry to leave him all by himself: http://s729.photobucket.com/albums/ww294/S...elscreen011.png
  12. Instance 60 to 80 testing

    If anybody is planning on going on the instance on the main, please let me know. I would like to join. Thanks. SJ
  13. Ban and pls for unban

    Translation of above post!: "Hello! I was banned 2 or 3 months ago for multiusing. My brother and I have 2 PCs at the house and we both played EL on a single IP. After my brother had been robbed he said he won't play anymore. He gave me his whole storage. Unfortunately I forgot that we had the same IP address and we got banned. I would like to ask to have my character Ania96 unbanned. This will never happen again and I think 2 months of ban are an adequate punishment for what we did. Waiting for an answer! Thank you. Please, could somebody translate my post because my English is not the best. "
  14. Ho Ho Ho, EvilJoe and Zia's Xmas Bot Event

    Done with all four. Thx.
  15. BroD - beware !

    If you want to travel safely to places, this is not going to cut it. There is no way of travelling to places safely even not with a body guard. You just made yourself a pretty miserable target to all the 'Pr0s' who like nothing better than to just kill everybody. They like to show off and present their little trophies. The next post probably will be ' I killed him with his brod in 5secs, Look at me how Pr0 I am." For a 'Pr0' as they define themselves here in this game, it doesn't really matter whether you give PKI or not. They kill you anyway and they kill with no reason apart from you being in their range of attack. If you are on an unsafe map, 'run' is still the best way to do it. Everything else is just frustrating.