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  1. Ban of King_Selvin And King_Jacob

    Ok thanks for info.
  2. Ban of King_Selvin And King_Jacob

    These are my to son's char's that were banned. King_Selvin and King_Jacob. I believe it was for trading with each other. May they be unlocked now that rule 5 is no more? If it was for another reason then I understand. Thank You DevilBoy
  3. King_selvin

    I am inquiring about my sons account King_Selvin. When he types in character name and password we get nothing. No incorrect password or this character does not exist message. Any help would be great. Thank You DevilBoy P.S. Not sure if this is in the right topic in forum but a ban was all I could think it could be.
  4. Perk Removal Stones

    Is there a Conjurer removal stone? If so is it a shop or in game item?
  5. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Look foward to being there. Congratulations to both of you.
  6. Adopt a newbie program started

    I will offer an iron armor set for a prize.
  7. Gold membership

    Voted yes I would buy a membership. I'm for more exp and less breaks. I think a different colored name tag is not necessary. Increasing the make rare items and harvest events would be an unfair advantage imo.
  8. Buying 50k of bones.

    Picked up 20k ingame. Down to 25k more bones needed. Thanks for all the offers.
  9. Selling random crap

    1400gc for the 600 bones. 500gc for the 250 Blue Quartz.
  10. 10k LE's

  11. Buying 50k of bones.

    Thanks for the offer Zlatinho. Since I did not accept you offer I am still buying 47k bones. DevilBoy
  12. 10k LE's

  13. Buying 50k of bones.

    I'm buying up to 50k of bones. Post your quantity and price. I'll pm you ingame to accept/reject your offer. The more bones you have the more I'm willing to pay. Amounts of at least 1k or more please. Thanks in advance DevilBoy
  14. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    My name is based on the type of music I listen to. My father always called it "devil music" and he like to call me boy when I was a kid. You figure out the rest.
  15. 10k bones

    I bid 25k.