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  1. Handyman and Woodeh fight to the Death

    Holy Crap, is this what I come back to?
  2. A passive mail system on PK server

    Woot woot, thanks Radu :)
  3. When was playername last online?

    Agree with Revelation and Kit, who f'ing cares how long you've been on? It says nothing that could harm anyone in any way!! lmao
  4. Artwork Updates

    yes, no announcements section that I see.
  5. Mule testing

    Could someone get me some mule tokens, or whatever Ent has made them?
  6. I agree with this, I havent been in an invasion for so long, because i can never get on at the right times This I agree to, but not totally set my mind on wanting this, it would make it more of a fight, and less of a button mash. Even this would be wicked awesome, it probably wont happen . The way it is right now, it isnt worth it (i believe) to kill someone, other than for the sake of killing someone. After that, you would need some skill to kill someone (because they are being more protective of their stuff), and take their stuff, and not just "Yay, I killed Isenwolf, now what do I do... Post it on the channel so everyone can bask in my glory?" Not sure if that made any sense...
  7. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    When you enter that secret room in the tg garg cave: "Your prayer has been heared. You found a secret room." It should be "Heard"
  8. PK server account

    woooot, pk server is the bomb! And i would like a free account
  9. Food level and harvest speed

    This is kind of old, and i dont know if anything has changed since then
  10. Who the hell are you?

    Oh yes, totally. Actually, i am not using her any more, got my own alt now
  11. Quote of the week submissions

    ahahahaaa, lmao at every one on this page. LOL
  12. EL dreams?

    Ive had dreams where i keep getting my a/d reset, so i go back a couple months of training...
  13. Who the hell are you?

    Isenwolf on main, and Isenwolf on PK, go figure...