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  1. EL dreams?

    Had a wierd dream last night. Dreamt that radu decided to have some fun with EL as he was pissed off with all the complaints ppl was posting, so now when every one logged in you where ramdomly logged into some elses account and for 24 hour we all played some elses char, he did reasure every one that at the end of the 24 hours he would reset the server so ppl got all there stuff back that was originally in sto. The only thing he could not guarantee was if ppl changed yr password, well u can imagine the chaos that ensued.
  2. Zarin's first invasion! :D

    Thanks for a fun invasion, enjoyed every min of it. Laggy in NC and CM but this did not distract from the enjoyment. Had fun running around trying to find the hidden critters. Cant wait for the next one, All in all a good job
  3. Invasion Token for sale

    Selling 1 Invasion Token 20kgcs SOLD pm bromber in game
  4. I agree to participate. In Game Name: bromber Forum Name: bromber male
  5. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    This is a good site enjoyed playing around with the names. Elf name : Amrod Anwar├╝nya hobbit name : Milo Grubb
  6. Some of my Ideas

    1.Yes your idea would be very helpfull as for me to buy 86 FP's its 16 diff clicks to obtain this amount, so to be able to type in the required amout would save me on the monotainy of continous clicking. 2nd idea would be cool and can see quite a few people forgetting the dif in time and running across lenny
  7. EL dreams?

    I was having a dream about EL cant rememebr the details only when i woke up my wife said she tryed to wake me up and all i kept saying was go away im trying to heal
  8. Mouse problems

    I bought myself a new mouse (old one died on me ) only cheep ( I know i should of got a better one ) but now im having problems. When trying to click on npc (mainly sto's) the cursor flickers and i cant click the npc this also happens with some doors but seems to happen with all flags. And for some reason the cursor seems to think that all harvestables are doors as it flickers from walk curosr to door cursor. I have tryed New selection, mouse bug, and ati bug. This is what happened when i try them. 1/ mouse bug - did not work my char would walk in diffrent direction from the door or flag 2/ ati bug - no diffrence at all 3/ new selection - this did work \o/ but the game seemed to slow right down (no drop in fps) and it was like the game was stroubing so if i wanted to use the sto i uncheck the new selection but then to play game normal i have to recheck new selection. So any idea would be helpful. i was wondering if the mouse drivers that can with it (i did install the cd that came with it) was at fault. I also updated the drivers. Spec's of mouse Verbatium optical desktop mose driver version 6.0.6001.18000 updated today.
  9. PK poll

    I voted never, when i started i did try and have tryed a few times since, the reasons i dont pk is 1. There seems to be no honor in the pk arena or pk maps. 20 ppl jumping on one person is not in my mind pk'ing its ends up stoping ppl joining in. Then every ones moans no one pk's any more. 2. Most times i have been in the arena all i have herd is ppl getting angry and then a lot of bickering if i want to lissen to all this i let my son have all his m8's in the house (mind you i think they would behave better then some of the ppl in the arenas )
  10. Help me ;) Invasion 30.07.2008

    What he said. The invasions I've seen up 'til now were for high-level folk. It was fun to participate in battle and actually have a chance to win the fight. As they said above this was a very enjoyable invasion, and to be able to take part all the way thro was fanstic, thanks and hope you do it again soon
  11. New Screenshots needed

    I dont know if this will be ok i do have more like this but no action shots http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...elscreen020.png
  12. Pre RC 7

    ok the exe el_pre_rc_26_02_07.exe crashed at log in but the file If el_pre_rc_26_02_07_no_vertex_programs.exe works fine no probs with it
  13. Pre RC 7

    hi only the second rc worked for me here is the info Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.0.6570 Release
  14. Pre RC 2

    I have tried all 3 clients and all 3 crashed, i updated my video drivers and all 3 loaded but then it frezzes and i get no picture only the boraders. Im running intell core2 duo processor 2ghz ati mobility radeon hd 2300 video card with 1024 mb 2gb ram
  15. IP Ban bromber

    I have tryed to log on to el and its saya i am ban please could u let me know why ? ,i cant see any reason why this sould happen. i would be greatful if u could let me know why and if i have done some thing wrong how i could re-enstate my charator. i apoligise for any think u might have take as me braking the rules (i cant think of any thing) it was not done (if i did ) with forethought. thanksfor propmt attention. my charator name is bromber.
  16. IP Ban bromber

    Thanks for the whitelist