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  1. Rostogols, how many do you have?

    Atm I have 6 normaly i have up to about 10 for personal use, for Invasions and Instances. Once these run out i buy from the shop keep 10 sell rest
  2. New Quest

    Thanks for new quest was good fun Keep them comming
  3. New engine test 2

    Tryed all setting seems ok fps 350/400 Radeon HD 2300 ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version
  4. New engine test (terrain)

    Works fine 350-400 fps Radeon HD 2300 ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version
  5. News from R/L

    Well I hope both of you have fun with the RL thing . but will miss you all, call in when you have spare time we probly still be here hehe
  6. Interest in twitter for PK server

    Peronaly for me it would be reports for 100 or more monsters
  7. ReMuS the speed hax runner

    Sounds realy good m8, count me in for this event when you do it. And maybe we could do a simular event for US OLD ONES who clicking prowness is very slowwwwwwww
  8. Interest in twitter for PK server

    I would be very intrested in this
  9. Find the numbers

    Ok all this event will be on sunday the 24th may at around 7pm GMT (think that when most ppl are on line). WHAT IS THIS EVENT. This is another hyperbag event but with a difference. OBJECT OF EVENT. ok to find this bag you will need to work out some clues, each clue will correspond to one or more numbers that you will need for the Coords to the bag. When you have worked out the 1st clue pm me and i will give out the next clue (all you have to do is say clue number completed), once you have completed all the clues you will be given the final clue to where the bag is then you have to work out the correct sequance of the numbers found to give you the correct coords. (there is not that many combinations). HOW WILL CLUES BE GIVE. As stated above the clues will be give by pm's when you think you have completed the clue pm me for next clue, the 1st clue will be giving out in ch 1 for every one to work with. There are a total of 5 clues for the coords and then one clue for the bag itself. STARTING POINT. Every one who is joining in in this event will be asked to gather in ida next to sto (this is a safe map non-pk). PRIZE. As you should know by now prizes i give are normaly worth it, but bewarned once the bag is found that is not the end of the event you will still need to mule ALL the items back to sto So the rest of the player still have a chance to get the coords and come and pk you to get the bag So dont stop looking if you think you are close to finishing the clues you might get lucky and get to the bag as well. THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN. Depending on how many join in. i will give out details of how many each person has completed clue wise (maybe you might see ppl on yr way and decide to foil there attempts to continue if you think there are ahead of you).. BUT I WILL LET EVERY ONE KNOW WHEN THE BAG HAS BEEN FOUND AND THAT THE ITEMS ARE BEING MULED TO STO Please post below if you have any question. Good luck to all tha join in. EDIT: Once again the event is open to the whole server
  10. Find the numbers

    Well Gratz to Requiem who found the bag wtg. From the sound of the ch's there was a few deaths But i wont tell names i let you post if u want too. Ok so these where the clues and the answers. Hope they help you (well the ppl that did not find bag). Clue 1. In a place where the giants roam with the hobgob, find the place which has the 3 types of quartz together here you find some vials how many vials are there. A/ 3. ( found in aa [188,352] ). Clue 2. In the Scarlet woods you will find a cave how many books are in this cave ? A/ 3 (EVTR) Clue 3. Find the house in Thasendel wood where Right and Wrong are reasoned and debated find out how many Windows this house has from the inside. A/ 8 (IRSIS) Clue 4. find the long winding path that leads to the most ancient of creatures, upon this path you will find Elder Shaman Gathlar house. How many feathers in this house has red tips. A/ 4 This was in nrm up the paths to the Vulcano . Clue 5. Find where the ship is wrecked there you find a crate with bottles on how many bottles are there. A/ 4 this was in Glacmor final Clue Map. Find the place where you have two flying machines and unravell the numbers to get to the bag. the number sequence is xx8/xx Some ppl had probs with this one as some thought there was only one flying machine, the two machines was the hot air ballon and the flying ship that takes you to WVF. The Bag was at Arius [348,43] I hope you all had a fun during this event, I enjoyed making this one up (well i enjoy them all but this was so much fun) if you would like to see more of this type of evnt post below and i see what i can do, but next one would like to see more ppl playing (If you see any inconsistencies for the clues plz let me know).
  11. SoulTaker

    1st of u dont do more damage to me i trained more then u and when we was in mm cave i was getting you down quicker useing only pick axe u had to heal 12 time to my 4 iirc you was using ti long. 2nd in votd with this fight like fancy say's i was in arug armour and NO COL.. 3rd now this is the hypercrite in you again, you said you boosted with pots (ie you had to use pots cause you thought you could not own me) but when i use a high lv wep you get upset about it, ie you can boost yrself but i cant Contradictory and Hypercritical --- this from some one who runs from any one higher lv then him and complains if we send some one after him because you killed our harv alt--- and just to let you know how brave you realy are my alt's A/D is only 6/6 it has not even killed a rabit ---- so big brave man you can take out my alts but i cant come after you We have never got upset all we done was send some one over to kill you if and when you killed an alt, yr the one who started ALL THE COMPLAINING .. again a hypercrite Edit spelling
  12. SoulTaker

    Well like i have said thousands of times in channel. "We or I have no problem with any of this AT ALL, what I do have a prob with is that ST wants us to just sit there and not react to him killing our alts or when he pks a lower lv player" IMHO from all the talk ST has come out with is omg yr wearing a col or omg you carry a rosto (yes even when the alts carry one too), now this to me basicly states that all he wants is for us is to just lay down and LET HIM TAKE our stuff. Well wake up and smell the roses this is not going to happen. As far as the Alliance thing is concerned yes we have a good frendship with some ppl on this server and we have alliance with each other. This should not affect anyone else, you all complain that we dont pk cause of this alliances not true we do a lot of pking and events a lots of which YOU DONT SEE because we do it out of sight . Also there is a lot more events (mainly bag hunting) which is open to the WHOLE server but i dont see any of (for want of a better word) non-alliance group participateing in these events. this would be a great time for you all to get out there and have fun pking each other as you all run for the bags. but you dont join in so your loss.
  13. auction

  14. And yet another hyperbag race :)

    \o/\o/ ok i found the bag it was in tg magic school in the maze the part without the floor Thank dht good hunt:)
  15. Invasion Thread

    Yeti found in Irsis some one needs to take it out Feros found in Arius some one needs to take it out
  16. Another bag hunt

    Ok the last one was found in 2 days let see if u can find this one This time there r two bag in the same place CLUE: 1 find the place where the sparkle is great and treasure you wil find but watch your self as u get on yr hands and knees to find this place. CLUE: 2 even though this is a place of learning i have yet to see any one come out experenced. CLUE: 3 The bag is in none pk area and on c1 dont think magic for sparkle and there are many TYPES of A SCHOOL PRIZE: tons of armour and weps Thanks to Felessan for donating weps and armour for this event and for helping to set it up
  17. Another bag hunt

    Ok bag was found buy kit \o/\o/\o/ Ok ok ok this one went a bit array and not many ppl looked for this bag as far as i can tell only two ppl looked for it kit and dht, as thanks to both for the hard work they put into it. as the day worn on we had to give out more and more clues till in the end we had to guide (very gently mind you) ppl to where it lay, but still no one got it but in the end it became the bane of kits life that it gave us many hours of fun watching her search and scream trying to find it. Well as you can see she found it so gratz kit. As for the next one me and felessan will be doing another one next week. But in the mean time i am giing kit a personal bag as i have to ad mit it is fun watching her struggle trying to fun them hehehe
  18. 3 Headed Serpent

    Ok so I put another bag into hyperspace and I gave the clues out over @1 but it seems as if no one has found it (well i know its not been found), So am posting it here as i will leave it out there till its found. I was going to add to the bag each day that it was not found to make it more worth yr while using them keys but I tryed to add more stuff this morning but got the message The hyperspace bag is full, some (or all) items were not stored in hyperspace. So i will just make the clues easer each day that its not found. OK SO HE ARE THE CLUES TO THE LOCATION OF THE BAG !!!!!!!! CLUE 1 To find this bag u will need to find the person kneeling b4 the serpent that has 3 heads. CLUE 2 This Statue is to be found outside. CLUE 3 In part of this map strange sounds of battle can be heard. HAPPY HUNTING ...... PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST WHEN FOUND SO OTHERS DONT WASTE KEYS UNNESSAURY THANK YOU. PLEASE NO PM'S ASKING FOR MORE CLUES OR AM I IN THE CORRECT MAP.... ALL THE CLUES YOU WILL GET ARE POSTED ABOVE THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING IN THIS REQUEST
  19. 3 Headed Serpent

    Ok bag was found \o/\o/ GRATZ to Felessan for find the bag which was in Palon Vertas [243,363] Ok to you lot who could not work out the clues as tbh was quite easey if u would read the encyclopedia then u would of found that clue 3 was from the decryption of Palon Verta. and then the rest would of been easy.
  20. Invasion Thread

    NRM 3 ogres and 2 armed orcs seems clear now EVTR looks clear found nothing IRIS 1 armed orc now seems clear IDA 1 ogre 4 yetis now looks clear PV looks clear
  21. SoulTaker

    As u can see from pic (as i just love taking screenies) poot is no where to been seen. the rest r standing there to stop any one comming on and joining in. http://s262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...screen007-1.png Aslo in this pic u can c its 1-1 then u jumped in summoning so i jumped in to catch the summons then u decided to summon a arned orc and i died. http://s262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/br...screen009-1.png But as u can see no poot and 1 - 1
  22. PK Ants

    Nice idea this thanks Learner
  23. SoulTaker

    SoulTaker your talking crap. 1. u have not been online long anoth to understand why this was happening ..... it is woodeh and his followers that do all the 3 on 1 stuff i have yet to see him take on any one under 50 a/d 1 on 1 he always get his cronies to help him out (ie santa and senzon), then when it happens to them in return for them doing it then they complain ... to me they r just hypercrits (and i told him so ). 2. I also have not ever seen woodeh try to take even the biger player 1 - 1 as his always got some one there summoning on them. Now this is fine we dont complain about it but if it's done to them they do, again hypercrits. So u see we only do to them what they have done to us..REMBER the saying "Whats good for the goose" So basicly you want ppl to not carry rosto so u can just get there stuff .. also if it would help u out we could all stop wearing armour and carry 10kgcs so u can farm us like the monsters you train on. Tbh I have not heard so much crap come out of one persons mouth, all i hear from you is whining about i cant get ppl stuff cause they carry rosto and omg yr wearing a col and i cant kill you omg this is unfair to me. I must admit i like what you said about wanting to pk every one to get there soul it brings more fun to the server, but plz stop the whining about other ppl protecting then selfs or friends helping out if they r unable to.
  24. Weapon auction

    #2 Bronze Sword 22kgcs
  25. Weapon auction

    Bidding for #2 - Bronze Sword 18k