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  1. Blessing: A blessing to make enrich ess rate a bit higher, This blessing could only be bought from shop.( dont think it would be a good idea to have it found via harvesting events if its a stone ). The blessing ( you can only have one at a time or use one stone at a time ) will give you a better Enrich mixing rate say about 5-10% more and will only last for about an hour ( all tho this is up to radu ). This could be done via radu himself ( if not to bussy ) so u pay for it and it starts from when he delivers or via a stone that can be used any time. I would think the stone would be a better option. I dont know if this would need more programing to set up. Pros for: gives more $ to radu Gives more Enrich ess to game ( a lot of ppl complain there is not more ) Cons: Some could say that it might flood the game with Enrich ess ( maybe set amount that could be bought per month) PPl complain that only the rich can afford this and the rich will get richer. This is just an idea feel free to add to the Pros and Cons
  2. Enrich Ess blessing or stone

    I would say yes but that up to Radu on how he wants them to enter game Yes that could be a down side to it.. but it could also be an up side as ppl might get more from mixing then what they would get from shop , this could mean they buy more blessing from shop so Radu could sell more then he would normaly do, but thats just guess work Radu would know more about this on what he sells another up side is that ppl might get more satifaction from mixing them ( plus more ess possiably) also ppl could buy stones from shop and sell to other in game this would be more revenue.
  3. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    Im also into QuakeLive atm
  4. Random Stuff For Sale

    5 Enriched Water Essence-2k ea I take these plz
  5. Great post TC and i agree with what you have said. As a summoner myself there are times I would of liked to go in to KF and summon but like TC said the cost of some of the summons are just too much for what you get, It would be just a waste of ings. (As they die in seconds). Yes I have gone in to Kf and summoned A/C's but the cost of the ings just dont let you to do so too often. So being able to use the other summons Like orcs, armed skellys pola bears ect would also give us summoners more mobs to use against the PK'ers but also a chance for summoners to partake in the invasions and KF clashes. And love the idea of the Phoneix but would have it as a % to respawn and not it WILL respawn twice
  6. Time to Celebrate!

    Thanks for a great time, fun contests and good company. Hope your next year together is just as wonderful as the last Realy enjoyed the home key race....I bet you did not know a Gnome could move so fast
  7. Sand Paintings

    Did not know where else to put it ?.... Well its art so put it here . If in wrong place please move it. Ok a friend showed this to me today Found it Moving and also very beautiful. Hope you do too.
  8. Would it b pos to have the Tank Rabits in some sort of armour? Maybe some sort of body plate
  9. Windows 7

    What is yr Graphics card some times the drivers that r downloaded r not always the lasted or the best
  10. Windows 7

    I had a similar prob.. if you r stuck in full screen with 640x480 its a small screen in the middle of the screen with a large black border? How i got rid of it was to right click EL icon choose Properties > Compatibility and un check all the options ie compatibility mode, Settings, Privilege lv click apply. Hope that helps with prob 1 and 2
  11. New screenshots needed

    Some more screenies
  12. New screenshots needed

    more summons
  13. New screenshots needed

    I know you said no night screenies but I thought mybe you like these. If not say and i will not take any more night shots. But no harm in showing them .
  14. New screenshots needed

    Todays Peace Day in Arius.
  15. PK Goddess of EL

    I vote binky wonderderfull lady but plz dont cross her. Has a heart of gold but a sword of bronze. Shame It was not for today and for summoning TC maybe next time still may be u wont die so quickly next time but just may be
  16. total War bug ?

    Guild Mwar have set up a Total war with our Sister guild TWG. This set up was working correctly in the 1.8 client. Today I came up with a idea for a Total war event but needed to know if summons would att the enemy in a non pk map so decied to test it out. Me and hussam was in melinis but the summons would not att him but to make sure we try to att each other (if TW was set we would att ) but get the message Not here! (can't attack players in non combat maps). Just for clarification i was in guild TWG and hussam was in guild MWAR the #enemies_list shows MWAR as red and hussams #enemies_list shows TWG as red but we see each other TAG the one over our heads as yellow We thought maybe we have to reset it all up again so used the commands. #set_enemy_guild (guildtag) and #enemy_combatant we got the messages K, done! You set guild mwar as an enemy guild. You might consider telling your guildies about it. Excellent, now you can fight with other combatant enemies, so long as they are in an enemy guid. But still getting the message Not here! (can't attack players in non combat maps).
  17. total War bug ?

    No was not a stupid question revi I waited till 3.30 and it worked ok sorry for the bad post and tyvm ravi for reminding that TW can only be used during night time. Have relegated myself to IP and is now standing in a corner wearing a Dunce hat As for the summons att'ing a TW combatant did also test that and no they dont like Tigerclaw said
  18. New screenshots needed

    Sorry about that Will make sure i check the screenies b4 i post them Ok a few more.
  19. New screenshots needed

    Here's another screenie sorry will be more comming soon now i have win 7 up and running proply
  20. posible win7 grapgic driver fix

    I had to insatll win 7 from vista ( long story shot) vista would not update any more and programs started to not run so upgraded to win7 1st thing that was apperent was that the drivers that win7 installed as defualt did not work. ( I have ATI radeon hd 2300 mobility graphics card ) So tryed to installl the lastest drivers but as u can guess this did not work Finaly i have got the driver that was needed and i hope this helps you all out. On my quest to find the correct driver i was lead to this web site ( plz read it all as this is not a garentted fix ) Laptop fix after downloading the software and the driver i followed the instruction and it (so far ) has worked. I hope that this will help others out, Mods if you think this is in the wrong place ( could not c where else to put it ) or that the website or the software should not be promoted then plz delete or move. am only trying to help other win7 users that might have the same problem. Also I would like to thank all the ppl on the new IRC channel for EL. I went on 1st to c if I could help out (as im normaly on irc anyway ) but in the end needed help (ironic i know ). They spent a good part of 4 hours trying to help me fix this problem they where not only helpful but tryed every thing in there power to find a fix to this this problem and would like to thank them all for there time and help Thank guys you was there when needed . anyone needing help or wants to help plz get on irc channel freenode then /join #eternallands EDIT If any one has an audio fix for win7 plz let me know would be gratfull u can pm me in game for any detail that u need
  21. New screenshots needed

    2 More hope it helps ... will also try to get some of giants and yetis for you. The only prob i have is cant get reflections to work so hope this has not ruined the screenies. Or did u want more of the eye candy ie just as the summons is summoned? Is there any type of summon you would like ie creature up to giants and any location u may have in mind?
  22. New screenshots needed

    Hope these are what you are after.
  23. daily quests

    Tyvm Radu for the Daily quests great fun and great exp .
  24. first game you ever played?

    1st game was Pong Game thats stand out from yrs back Jet set willy -- ZX Spectrum PC--- all the Wizardry Series
  25. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    Hi would like to order 5k Coal and 5k Diamonds in game name bromber