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  1. IP Ban

    Hi Radu - Can I be whitelisted? I am traveling and have hit an IP Ban in the airport. Char name is Bren. Thanks
  2. New invance rules discussion

    In responding to Radu’s request of discussing the issue that the players are complaining about, there are a number of issues. The point of what is help. Help is coming and participating. How one player can help and what another believes is help is tough. When you are a lower level player in any group the mobs turn to you. I don’t expect higher level players to undress to keep the mob on them. That could cause them to die. On the other hand, as a lower level player they can’t stay on the mob as long without running out of mana or dying. As a player who started in the low levels of instance I had to learn when to join and to use dissring to get out before I died or was totally out of mana. To be honest typing a lot causes more players to die. So seeing all this announcing before you restock or run can get you killed. Instead of always yelling at players to attack when it is clear that the mobs are over there head (current stats) direct them into helping. Whether that is to engage a mob coming up even for a short period to re-direct the AI or actually killing something. Sometimes, if they turn a second mob for short period this will help a tank regain some mana. But as a lower level player if you run your mana to zero, it can be scare staying in the invance. I use to dis and tele out walk right back in. This can get you out of scare situation and you are not gone that long and you can regain mana. Personal I don’t believe you will ever get everyone to agree what help is. Maybe should ask what is not help is the better question. That’s easier. More than 4 peeps sitting at the gate. Yes you need more than just a gate keeper. Normally you need 2 others scouting the area due to the limited view of the gate keeper. From the answers of the players posting they have never been a gate keeper. You can’t see well enough to inform others to get back in time. So massive players at gate is wrong but a few on patrol works. What is proper gear? Telling other players what they have to purchase in order to have the same fun as those who are clearly alts and know how to earn a ton of gc or purchase is not even fair. Lower level players are working to create their chars. They don’t and can’t afford rosto’s at the current price. I do think they should bring the best gear they can afford. They will learn that to be able to kill and get gc from mobs they need to increase armor. But we all know that lower level they die and lose stuff. They get bag jumped sometimes is returned, other times is not. If I was low level who couldn’t afford rosto, augs and iron sword. Next level they will increase because they like playing and killing the mobs not spending their time walking from hell. Pk arrows/bolts are a must. Unless you are good enough to be switching all the time. The idea that trainers are ok for point defense is crazy. The first 100 shots don’t remove all the point defense. Maybe shooting hawks and white tigers is ok with training but believe that having trainers in leads to players trying to cheat. Pk’ers is a must.
  3. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 Amber and I have 0, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 0, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 5.
  4. NFL Pool - 5th Year!

  5. a global this weekend?

    Maxine - Wanted to let you know I enjoyed the invasion very much. Thank you for doing even with the day that happened. It was slow to start but I believe that will show the new or none invasion going crowd that invasion can be fun.
  6. Invances

    Would like to say thank you for trying to bring randomness to the invances. That is all that was being asked.
  7. Invances

    First I like to say this topic wasn’t brought up to be a complaint or flaming session. If you are taking that way sorry, just relax and read. Your response is not wanted. Since invances require a pm to Radu or other mod who can run them, sorry if you get the complaints and take personally. The rules as I understand them say that I must ask for an invance. That in its self sets the person who receives these pm’s to also receive the disappointments from the person asking. In all fairness (and this game is not designed to be easy or fair), but can the time invances are run be discussed with it being about whining. The invances are normally ran once a day. This great!!!! Now how about that they are not ran the same time every day. This game is a world game and the invances should be ran so everyone gets a chance to play them. Not asking to see them every day, but once a week in each time zone would be great. Once in a two week period would be nice. Seems the only time I might see one this is over a month is on a weekend and can’t tell you how many times on weekends I see them at 4 am CST. That said since I don’t go on them anymore I am not losing rosto’s and not spending $ with Radu. If my money is not wanted so be it.
  8. Whitlisted

    ok not sure why i cant log. No problem i will be home later. Thank you for looking.
  9. Whitlisted

    Hi I am traveling and believe this IP in Miami is banned. Not sure the game is not loading. Even tried to create new char and was disconnected then also. Game name is Bren. Thanks If not will be home later.
  10. NFL Pool 2011 - 4th year!

    Count me in.
  11. 120+ invance 8-12-2011

    count me in
  12. Invance - only for a few

    Aislinn - Thank you so much for atleast talking to us about this. I am normally on until 9pm central time USA most evenings. And I do agree with Momr that cleaning up invasions is worth while doing and those seem to be gone. Any thing that can be done is greatly appreciated. This cant be easy. Thank you!!
  13. Invance - only for a few

    Thank you for asking the question. I normally get on game after 6pm central usa Monday - Friday On or around on weekends all day to early evenings.
  14. EL NFL fans, check this out!

    Scorpion King what is your ingame name. Please try to see if weaverdas or Halosmee is on b4 the start of games today then u will have only one lose if they can get u set up fast enough. Good luck !!!!! Bease
  15. P2P expiration, 5 October

    When does p2p expire ingame name bease