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  1. How To Make Money

    Seeing that most people in EL really do interact with Guilds a lot, how about this: Instead of the 30K in-game money required to create a guild, just charge people $20-$50 to create one. Maybe the fee could also be lower and re-occuring, such as $10/month. The payment would be made either by the creator of the guild, or a little 'fund' could be set-up where any members of that guild are free to donate to accumulate enough money.
  2. Entropy Takes Money For Stats.

    Don't get me wrong -- I know where you are coming from. This is why I donated a small amount to show goodwill (even though I am myself on a tight budget). I do know that you are desperatly seeking a way to "profit" from this game (at least a decent payrate and not 50 cents/hour). I never said there is anything wrong with it. And I believe some of the suggestions here would help you do that (such as potions or in-game clothing...). Also P2P would not be so terrible. However there is a lot wrong with somebody just paying a small amount to ruin the competition. Wouldn't the world get boring if Bill Gates would buy all super-abilities in all sports and be #1 everywhere? Sure. But it won't happen. Money can't buy everything in real life. Money will never buy you character or skills. You can buy the materials and people that will HELP you acquire skills, but not the skills themselves. If you change this rule of the world (and one EVERY MMORPG I ever played), then I do not think that you will have a very happy community. However, I can only speak for myself; but I really don't know what you were thinking to sell 1,000,000 xp for $10...were you really that desperate for money? Heck, I would have given you MORE to NOT sell stats if I would have known.
  3. Entropy Takes Money For Stats.

    It does ruin all aspects of competition in my eyes. Somebody that played the game for 8 hours a day since the very start in a way DESERVES to have high stats. He/She probably knows the game in and out, knows the prices/rarity of items, all places and best ways to level. I would almost be willing to bet that this person also helped out countless newcomers. Such a player is, in my opinion, able to render sound decisions regarding the gameplay since he KNOWS how it will affect others. Such a person most likely will act responsible in PK areas, and produce/sell items at rates that will keep the community alive. On the other hand, a person that just joined a week or so ago and BOUGHT (with $$$) higher stats, doesn't need any knowledge of the game, but yet possesses a big amount of power towards the community with possibly no idea how to apply it fairly. To take a sports example that you seem to like; somebody that has been playing a sport (basketball/football whatever) since he was a little kid DESERVES to be better at the game then someone who just read about it in the paper last week and spent $1,000,000 on it. Don't you think?
  4. Entropy Takes Money For Stats.

    Yeah, reminds me on how big football (and basketball, etc.) teams PAY for their players, instead of training them from a to z. Defeats the whole purpose of football. Sure teams pay their players. Just as guilds reward their members with armor and weapons for their help to create essences/harvest things, etc. Nothing wrong with that. Both are part of the game and have no super-natural powers. But what would you say if one team would pay the referee to gain stats (goals/points)? For me that would be more comparable to the current situation. Sure, no big deal, the referee has to make a living as well. Especially understandable if he volunteers as referee and corruption is his only source of income. But please think about who would like to be on the 'receiving end', the ones that played the game as it was meant to be played (i.e. the EL community). I would strongly urge you to re-consider your stance on this issue. To show goodwill, I donated $5 to protest against in-game bought stats in the hope that others will join. There is no competition in a game where people can corrupt the makers. And say as you will, competition is a driving factor in games (if it wouldn't be, why would it matter who wins or looses? (or dies/lives in this case)).
  5. "economy"...

    Sorry, I do not think you got my point. I stated clearly that my objective was NOT money, i was NOT thinking how to enrich myself like you did, otherwise I would have taken other avenues. Trust me, I will not run out of cash, lol. That is funny but has nothing to do with this thread.... I was merely trying to help YOU and others that sell those items. Sorry if that came across wrong. I said it before and will say it again, I do NOT care about pixel cash, but will always be able to accomplish whatever goals I set myself. And trust me, I will not set as my goal to get a high crafting level. Why? There is NO point in it whatsoever. I can make all things fine at 27. Yea, I loose some ingredients here and there, but not too many. I don't care if I need 1 or 2 tries to make an item when the ingredients are that easy to get. So what's the point of leveling further? 'Wow loooooook at me go I am 41 crafting I fail 0.28% less then you!' .. Sorry that doesn't cut it for me. From here on out, the only stats that would actually matter to me to level to a very high extend are combat stats ... unless new craftable/manufacturable items come out that have HIGH requirements. The point of this thread was that this game has no use for FINISHED products such as Medallions and Titanium armor, if they are mass produced by players. It really was not meant to see who can get a higher level, or how many sapphires you have or how much gold I have. By the way, I am neither a girl nor a kid. I don't know where you pull your assumptions from.
  6. "economy"...

    I did not fail half. Not even anywhere close, as I started to make them once I reached the recommended level. That's why I didn't make disengagement rings which are higher level and I would fail more. Maybe this is part of the problem too. A big part I would say. Level requirements in this game are way too low. Moon meds should have a recommended level of 60 to really have the value you portrayed onto them. Not 24, which you can reach in a very quick time. The same is also for manufacturing. Level 40 is the highest recommended, yet people have this level or close to it already a few months(? not sure) after a big reset. What else is left to do for them if not mass produce the best item they can make to gain experience....
  7. "economy"...

    I understand that it is not nice to sell them at lower and lower prices, but not one person has yet suggested an alternative. I have made around 400 or more moon med's in one day's time. What am I supposed to do with them, if not sell cheap to players and give away? Keep them all for me? I don't think so. And if I ever decide to level my crafting because some people here seem to judge you by your levels, expect me to make many, many, many more of them.
  8. "economy"...

    I hope you are not suggesting we need more people that sell their items at inflated prices for their own great benefit? A solely player-controlled economy, as nice as it would be, is impossible. Even in the real world, prices are not purely set by sellers. There is a good bit of government control. All I was suggesting is to have the game control the base price RANGE of items by npc's buying and optimally also selling all items. We already have this for essences, and it seems to work just fine. Nobody will sell essences for less then they would get at the magic shop, and nobody will buy for more then the magic shop will sell. The price within this range is then determined by supply and demand, and everybody can be happy. The only exception to this rule should be RARE items, that can NOT be mass produced, such as Titanium Serpent Swords or rare books. However even those prices will fall unevitably if the amount of drops is bigger then the amount of players that will actively play this game. I know you, teh banned 0n3na, are mad at me for selling Moon Medallions so cheap. However you have to admit that the price to make such an item is ~100-200 gc at best. You were selling them for 1500 (possibly even for more before I joined this game). It was fairly easy for me to mass-produce those medallions even at a low level. I could, and if nothing will be changed, will sell those at production cost, purely to level my skills and get back the money I put into them. I do realize this is hurting the crafter's way of making money, and that's why I suggested alternative solutions before I resort to such drastic measures. However, I feel it is wasted to have large amounts of medallions and armor in storage. I know I will never use that many. I also know I will never be able to sell them at such an inflated price. There is no NPC to buy them. My only way right now, would be to sell them for a constantly lowering price, until it is that low that everyone will be able to afford them. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but there will be no bottom line such as Iron shields have. Noone will ever sell iron shields for <400 gc (the price Trik pays). You are welcome to flame me for my 'lack of knowledge of this game' or playing 'market jesus', but I honestly could care less; deep inside I know that your accusations, teh banned 0n3na, are just reflecting YOUR true inner self. You are the one constantly trying to 'set' prices for your items, even for the items you buy. You try to convince people to sell you Enriched life essences for 1k because ''that is what they are worth'', while other people happily pay 2.5-3k for one. You really need a reality check on your point of view. However, I will not deny that such people are NEEDED in a game to define prices, but in my opinion no one person should FORCE their prices onto others, except the developpers. And this is where I was asking for a change, because otherwise it will just be a battle of who can sell things the cheapest, and newcomers will be totally discouraged even attempting to produce these items.
  9. "economy"...

    Heya, First of, I admit, I am fairly new to this game as I have played it less then a month. I do not know all maps nor skills. On the other hand, I feel that I have already extended the limits of this game in two skills at a 'low' level. With a little bit of strategy, it is fairly easy to gain ~30 manufacturing and crafting, which in turn lets you make the best armor and jewelry available in this game (with some failure rates, but that does not really matter). Eternal Lands currently has around 300 players online, I would estimate around 2000 active players? (maybe i am off there by a bit...). Even given the above mentioned failure rates, and taking into account the occasional downgrading/breaking of armor, it only takes less then a handful of people to create ALL and MORE supplies then all those active players will ever need in the matter of short time. Then a vast abundance of this armor/jewlery is created, and there will be absolutely NO market for it at all. This means the price is determined by NPC's. They always have coins to buy. However, there is one big dilemma: They do not buy our finished products. No NPC will buy medallions or titanium armor and weapons. This means the price goes down to the next level, the NPC price of materials. Blacksmith's buy Titanium bars for 60 coins each, which will at this rate very soon be the base price for all armor, if it isn't already. We are down to 2000 coins for a Titanium Chain or Long weapon, which is close to this prace taken in account the failure rates. For crafting it looks even worse, even though it may not yet completely look that way. No NPC buys medallions, and their breakage rate is even lower then the ones of weapons/armor. I do not believe crafters could even sell their polished gems? I might be wrong here. My point of this post is, that there needs to be a better way for players to sell their FINISHED wares, not their raw materials that they gathered. This would encourage much more levelling in other skills instead of relying on harvesting/alchemy to make money. With more players come a lot more wares. Maybe a smart way to go about this would be to introduce a magic/alchemy spell to convert any item to a set amount of coins (depending on the item, of course). This post might be a little ahead in time of a problem that does not fully exist yet, but at this rate, without some change in the system, it will come unevitably. There might be other ways to go about this problem, and I strongly suggest we/the developpers start thinking about a solution.
  10. If You Want To Have A Bot

    I've started a bot called 'Merchanter', which is currently located in Portland [116,25] at the unused shipyard stand. He sells items, and might in the future also buy items from other players to facilitate trading.