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  1. tehfreshhkid is scammer

    Cheers for posting, I'll stay clear of this kid from now on.
  2. *CO* Recruiting

    Yes that's right EL's oldest and best guild is recruiting once again. There are no official requirements to join us except you gotta be active.. Also you have to pass our super hard initiation test. If your interested and want to join feel free to send me a PM in game or reply to this thread and we'll sort it out.. Oh and we have a cave, yeah it's pretty awesome..
  3. Players u missed

    I really miss MoJo, he sure was amazing..
  4. Halloween Thugs!

    *CO* is the best pk guild.
  5. Best Male PKer

    I am. No question.
  6. Easy rider

  7. What was your first guild?

    Damn going way back now... hmm... if I remember correctly it was a guild called ELF didn't spend long in it but it was my first guild. I left it after a few days and was on the verge of joining WOLF but for the reset, after the reset I was guild less until I joined *CO* so really *CO* would probably of been my first proper guild.
  8. IP Ban

    Alright, thanks alot I appreciate it.
  9. IP Ban

    Well, i went to log onto EL today and its saying my IP is banned.. I've no idea why so could anybody please help?
  10. The Greatest EL Player

    I vote me! Haha but on a serious note, Mamawarrior surely has to be up there.. I mean when I was a noob she was on hand to help me with anything, pots, essences anything I needed she would try her best to help.
  11. What are you gonna do with your life?

    I'm planning on joining the police soon, been my dream since I was a kid. Hopefully I can get into the dog handling section. That would just be my life complete if I got to that stage..
  12. New playable race unveiled!

    Sweet, not so keen on the penguins, nice idea but the fishing sounds too good
  13. Banned...?

    It seems that i've been IP banned for some strange reason... I haven't done anything to have it done to me so if anybody can explain to me why this is so please do.
  14. Meow?

    slayton ^^
  15. Empire Earth

    I have it, kinda old but still a good fun game the second one is out, looks good. Haven't got it myself tho