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  1. Yeti spawns

    its same what i said Dilly i totally agree with ya. there is plenty other single yeti spawns which are used only on no break day, when more ppl go for them. and all other time these are free.. so my question , Hardcore, is, why you want more single spawns if there is few which is unused anyway? Boedha i know that drops aint very good, and yes, silver ring is a reall annoyment as a rare drop, it should be removed completely
  2. Human Removal Stone

  3. Auction for Animal Removal Stone

    as ppl understands that 375k is a bit unreal, especially for a starting price... so you get a normal bidding going on after some time
  4. Yeti spawns

    lol .. cuz its as logical as to reduce 2x respawn time kk? if u are too "smart" to understand ... and also more 2x yeti spawns is about more drops, no ?
  5. Yeti spawns

    PPl would be happy with 20x bigger drops, but u think its gonna happen ?
  6. Yeti spawns

    i agree with you. about mixers.. yeah they are getting few new items time to time, but fighters are also gettin few new monsters ... difference is, mixers want a place with all ings in one place, fighters - place with alot of trainable monsters
  7. Animal Removal Stone

    good 325k
  8. Yeti spawns

    You will not like this there is few more places with Yeti, a single spawn which are busy only on some special days, otherwise its empty.. at the spawn in the screenie , yes its probably always 2-3 persons siting, waiting for their turn, but what about 2 other Yeti in same cave? when i was there last time, 2 other Yeti was runing freely, and i was on them for more than hour, and no1 came in for them, it was only the 2 yeti+fluff spawn, where i saw 3 =HC= guys. If you would want exp, you would go for other Yeti, no? ofc i know that 2x Yeti + fluff spawn is awesome for exp+gc.. but then maybe we should talk about double FC spawns, MC spawns ? only 2x FC spawn in ROT is also always busy... and there is no 2x MC spawns... About ACW spawns.. yes, there is not enough of these, and none in nonPK maps, but many ppl is actually "training" on them?
  9. Animal Removal Stone

    DP .... wanna fight for it ?
  10. Animal Removal Stone

  11. Selling: 80 k coal

    i will buy the rest 55k pm ingame Kornholio
  12. Human Removal Stone - AUCTION

  13. Human Removal Stone - AUCTION

  14. Selling Inorganic removal Stone

  15. Important notice for young people

    this topic is just ... IF some1 is afraid that theyr children get bad influence from internet or TV, dont let your kid sit at computer or watch TV.... but hey... he can meet bad ppl while being outside playing.... omg, lock your kid in da closet edit: typo
  16. ELG Guild Shop

    Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock Dragon Korns order was filled and delivered so you can add those to stock OMG so many times MY order was delivered by Sanddragon
  17. ELG Guild Shop

    hello again i would like to order 3k FE 3k Coal totall - 16500gc.
  18. Storage Clearance

    how dare u sell it to some1 else
  19. Storage Clearance

    That OS is for me 25.5k mate
  20. Magic Removal Stone

    Just wait till i get back home, i have human rem
  21. Storage Sale

    21002 Iron Ore --- 3.5gc ea 487 Coal --- 2gc ea 11119 Fire Essence --- 3.5gc ea i want thooose
  22. ask? maybe. but i mean that this info should be be4 voting, and not only for those who has some questions, but for all. Lets say now about those harvesting things. i think that many of us voted NO, just because we do not know how it would be in the game. for me its like. we vote YES. You implement it, and set it to lets say 100 harvestables per hr for ea person and if we would be bitchin about it, You would just say something like `you voted YES for it, so here you go, dont dare to complayn` I am not saying that it might be the best example, but thats something like worst scenario So i think all needed information should be given before Pool. Or at least more informative options to vote on. like i said before, not only yes\no, but with explanation: `yes, If ..... `, `no, if ..... ` Edit: well i read some topics again ... and .... You gave us idea, how it would or should work technically. but not many of us can imagine that without testing it. but that can be our problem But on the other hand, there was so many offers, and You in few cases said , YES it sounds good. So I think its getting hard to understand if You are staying at Your first idea, or You will use some1s like Learners idea... and maybe till this new thing is done it will change 180 degrees ... we do not know that. So thats why its hard to say YES, without any additional info "but`s" and "if`s". Its always easier to say NO, and keep things like it is, cuz you know how it works it can be also psichological thing for ppl, some of us\them are afraid of new things and etc..,.
  23. oh wow , ppl are still arguing about this ? i will say, i agreee with Ateh, neverman, Conavar.... maybe missed some1s post ... Thing is that everything is ok with voting, as it is now. we only need more information about things we vote for. it shouldn`t be only `yes`or `no`there has to be ìf`and `but`.... If ppl could express theyr oppinion only with voting, there is no need to post oppinions, and then get dissagreements and all teh flaming.
  24. Small Storage Sale

    oh lol its a same name in game
  25. well it is your oppinion. and i have mine. thats the difference. and ofc you do not mention that mods have game knowledge Edit: lol stop editing your mesages.. omg I am not saying that Mods are best persons to decide, but they are the ones that is close to that