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  1. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    I am afraid I still don't understand it. If the fights will be longer (and not by much anyway), why would the bronze sword be more necessary? The critical failure applies to all the weapons equally. And BTW, not sure when you started playing the game, but until the cooldown was added (sometime in late 2005) the fights were much longer. And it seems that people liked it. Well in begining of EL, PK was fun, actually i was enjoying it. Back then it was all about LVLs, not armor, cuz best armor was tit chain, weapon - tit serp. OFC fights was lasting as long, as fighters had HEs in inv . And btw difference from todays PK, was a respectable PKers. if you sit in KF, near flag, no1 will attack you, unless its some personal enemy etc. now... idk why suddently this topic about EVA perk becomes a discusion about PK, the whole game is not all about PK. i took EVA perk not for PK, i took it for training. For Korrode, who seems to know most about EL and everything. it seems that everything in this game is not good enough for you, just try to get used to new things. also you are complaining about PK all the time, but i think you said that you dropped PKing, so whats the problem ? i just wonder what PK gear you were using be4 these ( as you ppl call them Orange spam weaps)? i bet it was thermie, so wasnt that expencive in those days? i agree that Bronzie is a bit overpovered, dragon armors just made Thermie useless as PK weapon. oh and btw, PK fights aint getting longer if mage is around, dont you think? 1 harm - you dead. takes as long as to read it
  2. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    i was thinking the same, it would be nice to see when Eva perk is working. instead of +111 exp, it could be "EVA" not to see if it works, i believe it will work this time 100%, but it will be interesting to see how often you get it BTW Korrode if you say that weapons has too low dmg, why ask to improve theyr dmg? maybe just make dragon sets less armor and mag resistance? ofc if thermal is useless on drag armors, the only "extremely good" weapon is Bronzie. But if the normal dmg would be risen just for you guys to be able to hit more dmg on dragon sets.... what about using those weapons on mobs? or on ppl with lets say tit armor? You only tell how bad they are on dragon armors etc, but maybe problem is with armor, not weapon ?
  3. Evanescence Perk and Def XP

    At last! couple of ppl had it brought up, but never got enough attention. Thank you guys So i wasn't so wrong after all, right ? *waits for update*
  4. Human removal stone

  5. Auctioning 1k Steel Bars

  6. Auction: Vegetal Nexus Removal

    Congratz I will start at 300k
  7. Selling some stuff

    and i will take em again
  8. 127k iron ore auction

    ill take it
  9. Buying AES

    i'll sell u those
  10. Selling some stuff

    1000 steel bars 50k (50gc each)
  11. Small Sto Sale

    181 Steel Two Edged Sword -- 880 ea
  12. Selling some stuff

    Hooray for reading \o/ - I already posted about the steel bars shush or i rise the price
  13. Selling some stuff

    1000 steel bars 50k (50gc each) 5000 iron ores 17.5k (3.5gc each)
  14. Inorganic removal stone auction

    lol nice 5k increment
  15. Nexus Removal Auction.

  16. Selling Iron Ore

    3 ea