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  1. Inorganic removal stone auction

  2. Inorganic removal stone auction

  3. Auction, Inorganic Removal

  4. storage sale

    Ill take all tele rings, MOL, steel gr+cuiss. just PM me, and we will have a nice deal
  5. Artificial Removal Stone

    520k in gc or in Hydro bars, what ever you prefer
  6. Artificial Removal Stone

  7. Selling some armor and weapons

    32.5k for cutty 48k for steel gr+cuiss
  8. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    whenever u ready
  9. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    1k steel bars and 3k HEs. ty
  10. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    O.k., honestly did you just completely over read everything I said? I never claimed that the game should be full of peaceful mixers and such. I said he openly admits bombing people and not caring whether he does it or not. I also said I could care less if he bombs people with One Perk as that is supposed to be the risk of having said perk. I don't care, I simply said you blaming his actions on the community is bullshit. Rutu does what he wants whether the community accepts it or not. You just completely over looked what I said and started bantering about useless crap. Honestly explain to me your post because it makes absolutely no sense. 1. look up, is that "most of you" = you forever? my post is not nesseceraly just a reply to your post. 2. hell why should i read your posts 5 times? i just reply w/o reading at all, i just look at a name of person who posted, and post w/e i think is best to piss him/her 3. if you dont care about all this, why t.f. you post here? 4. you are not really trying to get a point in other ppls words, you just post some bs. just like me. hf
  11. Server crash

    did server crashed again, or its just me who was disconected from server and "can't connect to server " ?
  12. Do me a favor and stop trying to Hijack Misery_Machines market thread. This is for something he wants / is offering, if you aren't doing the trade or offering something semi-useful, stay out of it. i am not? lol how about you re-read it all and STFU? You are trying to convince him that his trade will never happen. I've read it all, you need to stfu. where did i try to convince him with that? i just said that its not a normal - usual trade. only few ppl does that, but not all, that thats what i wrote. You are trying to find an additional meaning in between the lines( for some reason), where is nothing hidden, you should learn to understand what you are reading. and also i dont think you are capable to read my minds to know what i think or what im doing kk? oh and also read again from the begining, i made him an offer, and a normal one. if you come here just to quote w/e i write and trying to find something to mess around with, go learn some manniers.
  13. Do me a favor and stop trying to Hijack Misery_Machines market thread. This is for something he wants / is offering, if you aren't doing the trade or offering something semi-useful, stay out of it. i am not? lol how about you re-read it all and STFU?
  14. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    and your oppinion is neutral ? muahhaaaaaa pull out the finger oh and i wonder what is "disputish" ? if he had broken rules or something, he would be warned, baned etc, no? most of you just lives in a dream world, you have to understand that in this game not all are suppose to be peacefull harvesters or mixers. if you dont like it, ask Radu maybe he will remove One perk, dont let you enter PK map without a rosto, dont let you die of poison when you run out of KF .... srsly... wtf?
  15. so good i never pmed you with these words
  16. well maybe s2e 1k ea also IS normal, cuz Looter was paying that some time ago? and im pretty sure those ppl who did 11-10 trades are not doing so or they quited game. otherwise this post wouldnt be here on forums. and im pretty sure that he ment pc of hydro ore. otherwise you should keep 1 ore after each 10 harvet to him which would be 1040 anyways.. im not here to argue. oh and btw see the prices of s2es on market, try to sell em at 950. (thats where you say that this gives pc on hyd) Edit: and M_M i offer you 900 gc for ea S2E, and i would sell you hydro bars with some discount.
  17. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    oh yes they can. and i didnt say they made or forced him do these things, all im saying that he just did what ppl expected him to do. and also another thing i remembered, how do you think, why he has started to brod ppl cuz he is bad person?
  18. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    aww Rutuliukas, was that trops that i gave u? oh and i agree with those who say that Rutuliukas is stupid and dumb etc. ofc he is, and all those who drop stoof to him are the fookin rocket scientists brainers.... Edit: btw Aislar, think of this. if you are called BJer and scammer by most of EL community, but you didnt do it.. what difference it makes if you start doing what you been blamed for? none, you will still be called same way. and also i know him long enough to say that he wasnt like this all time, and its not really what he decided to do by himself, its what those whiners and BSters pushed him to. gl R
  19. the trade 11s2e-10 hydro ores is not usual or normal, its just that few persons did this. and i dont think there is a chance for you to buy hyd ores at 900-950, look at some bots buy list, its more like 1040. oh and lets have a run, wear no rosto and put on all your best gear
  20. 150 S2Es

  21. Bot payments

    Congratulations . your payment was sent. Transaction ID: 55627296NX097882E Payed for Pound. I am curently runing the bot, not Penc
  22. bronze sword

    then we would have even more of them, no?