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  1. Will Removal Stone auction

    10k to start it
  2. Qunique Harvest SHop

    15k sunflowers ( 7.5k gc ) 6k iron ore (18k gc ) Same name in game ty EDIT: if u dont accept GCs, then i can offer COL or hyd bars offcourse order would be a bit different
  3. items for sale

    SELLING (auctioning) : 60 hydro bars ( min 10k ea) book of tit short of ice (min 12k) SOLD!!! 600 tiger furs (min 110 ea) also 100 invis pots (min 100 ea) 10k Air essies ( 8 gc ea ) u are wellcome to start bidding
  4. items for sale

    tiger furs sold ingame for a reasonable offer
  5. items for sale

    **added some essies changed quantity of w.tiger furs** bid on
  6. Modable S2E'

    selling 2 modable S2E swords looking for price of 20k ea, or 35k for both dont be shy, buy it
  7. Modable S2E'

    SOLD in game
  8. harvesting

    i can take his order
  9. Buying/Trading

    i will take diamonds
  10. harvesting

    it is up to you
  11. Thermal serp for sale

    Selling thermal serp !! starting price - 320k buy now price - 350k min increasements - 2k happy biding !!
  12. Thermal serp for sale

    i wasn't expecting that from him anyways, im still waiting for bids so dont stop , keep bidding
  13. Thermal serp for sale

    NMT cape these days max 320k i think so if ill give u 40k gc, that means im sellin my serp for 280k ? well no thank you
  14. harvesting

    so u doing a breake or u doing orders ? w/e u decide, i want to order 20k sunflowers, whenever u ready
  15. harvesting

    glad to hear that
  16. harvesting

    lmao are u ignoring my order or what ? i've posted it on 27nd, and now u took this order if u aren;t going to do my order, just say so, cuz im waiting here for stuff like a stupid
  17. harvesting

    i think that nope ;p well i hope ull harv those sunflowers, coal and iron ? if you dont harv iron anymore then its ok but i need other stuff ty.
  18. harvesting

    20k sunflowers, 5k iron ores, 5k coal ty P.S. would you harvest sulfur ? same name in game
  19. BroD,Thermal,SoM

    well mate i'd take therm for 320k if you would sell it for meh
  20. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    erm didn't u see this one ?? if max is 10k then pls .... 10k of sunflowers.
  21. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    i would like to order as much sunflowers as you can provide same name in game
  22. Auction Thermal Serp

    325k gc