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  1. My Physics Movie

    it is defined under fair use agreements. as long as he doesn't profit monetarily then the powers that be will more or less leave him alone.
  2. Religion

    Only by thoughs who already are believers in which case they will believe it. Take into consideration the folklore of Native Americans and Ancient norse people which have been passed from generation to generation couldnt Religion be like them a folklore that people have believed ? The point that it is written down doesnt mean it is any more valid or true i am only saying this because i believe you crossed a line here. I personally do not like it when someone places words in my mouth or an idea in my head. especially when i havent expressed an oppinion on it. afaik it is historically valid, (i havent done any research on it yet to say a definitive yes or no but untill i come to my own conclusion I will consider it to be as presented) but does this make me a believer? no. it might be a good idea to speak only for yourself and not a collective in the future. as well if you would like for your ideas about the subject of religion to be a bit more weight bearing please try not to be so full of yourself on a topic where both sides (your own and that of the christians) bear equal physical proof (that means none). I am sorry if this has come across as a little flamey but what you have said seems to assume anyone who believes anything other than your own perspective is completely ignorant of what they are talking about. very bad form for a debate and especially bad for convincing someone that their own ideas are built upon falsities.
  3. Alcoholism

    my oppinion on this is that you cant catch drunk. pretty simple. there is not any physical force that lifts the can or bottle you your lips (especially the first encounter) . it is by your own free will that this happens and oops you happened to get addicted. the only real cure for anything that is addiction based is called willpower.
  4. Musicians?

    guitars - aria strat - yeah i know its only starter level but i havent really got the money yet for a jag stang baritone. - really vintage thing with no brand markings anywhere (even dissasembled) and a jimmie rigged bridge from previous owner. - guild 3/4 scale acoustic bass - fender p bass - not really starter level but still a pretty good instrament although i want an ernie ball stingray mm2. no pedals to speak of right now and i used to be a really good vocalist then my voice got signifigantly lower. still can hold a note but just...lower. i used to be in a band but during the time i was in college over first semester the rest of the band had a falling out. singer had a kid, guitarist got fed up with drummer and severed their living arangment, and recently i had a falling out with the drummer as well since he is really controlling as far as music goes and we also have some major creative differences. (my punk ways clash with his screamo ways) but thats about it for now maybe picking up new guitar or bass with x-mas money later.
  5. wat are u listening too?

    computer fan wobble, whine, and grind 1/5
  6. Religion

    I do beleive that a conspiracy could carry on that long. Look at the war over the holy land and how long that has been going on. if the war over one peice of land next to a really big lake can carry on that long then the suppression of ideals which are much stronger than any piece of land ever will be, can and in most cases will last longer. I do not have the best knowledge of your position in the church but a friend of mine has a relative who is a Deacon. She has personally seen and read some of the gospel of mary. from what i gather as she was almost finished he walked in and asked what she was doing. needless to say she didnt get to finish and ask asked to leave the room. to me this means that there is still information that the Catholic church posesses and is unwilling to release to the general public. How do i know she isnt BSing me? she has pictures of herself kneeling before the pope with her relative standing next to them. more or less i believe what she has to say. im not going to reveal any names since in a year perhaps two she will have a scholarship from the church to study art in verona and i really dont wish to jeapardize it. The only real reason that i can think of for this controversy is that it is one of those few questions that we cannot find an answer for without dieing first. in impossible question with many possible answers with each being as unverifiable as the next will always be a "hot topic" amongst all of mankind.
  7. Religion

    Ok let me rephrase this...Man wrote the Bible...yes...But the Bible was inspired by God. God gave everyone of these men that wrote this 66 part book which I try to live my life by the words to put into it. I dont doubt that god may have inspired these men to put those words onto paper. what i am saying is that maybe god inspired many other people whose scriptures were rejected by members of the council. heck there are three historic reports from men who were there saying that they each counted 318 council members there. perhaps some scriptures that were also directly inspired by god were rejected because they did not serve the purpose of a majority? someone said earlier in this thread that even christians screw up. no matter how holy you try to live your life there is always the possibility that your own selfish interest might get in the way of your moral duties. i believe that back then people and selfish wants of theirs are much like that of now. in short: they had the exact same capacity to screw up as you do. and on to starting the idea in this thread that maybe some parts of the bible are fiction: i was only trying to help people to formulate stronger arguements. I may not be atheist and i may not be christian but for some reason playing the devils advocate on both sides seems to come naturally. and my comment on there really being no proof in many scientific theorys was to show that the "you have no concrete evidence of god or gods so i shall believe science on this one" idea is flawed logic since science has no physical concrete evidence of the big bang and other theories. basically one side demanding that proof from the other means automatically that their arguement is completely illogical.
  8. Religion

    I would like to explain my take on this. I never said animals have free wills. If you meant they do have free wills ok. But I must explain what I think about this without fussing about it. I dont believe animals have free wills. I've never seen a any mourn right after the any hills torn down, or after words. As for a dog following you to school, your his owner, you feed him, you take care of him. Without you he couldn't servive. He follows you because he has the instunct to protect and follow you. Have someone try and act like their hurting you. If the dog thinks his/shis really trying to hurt you he will protect you. thats what I believe on the subject As what I think kidberg said, I've studied probibly to much. has there ever been something you just cant explain? Or how about ask your self this questions. Why arent other animals building huge things like we are, Why arent other animals more like us? I believe what I believe. Its hard for alot of people to have faith, To believe without seeing. Its one of the hardest things. How can you believe in something if you cant see it? All I can say is have faith that its there. All of this is what I believe, but I cant, and wont change what I believe to make people happy. And I hope you wont either. If you believe in something, you should stick to it. But the trick is finding what you trully believe in. If you take this as I'm a thick headed moron, than Ok. Well this will be my last post on here. My final word is, I hope yall find what makes yall happy. P.S. if yall have anythign to say about this post, please post here and I will read it or PM me my only problem with this is the animals not mourning part. Elephants are one animal that there is proof of mourning in that they carry a dead relative's bones with them to god only knows where. but IMO this seems to be a clear sign of mourning.
  9. Religion

    solorni the already accepted books would be the old testament. i agree with the source you provided in that yes he did not collate the bible. he more or less set the stage for the unification of the faith. meaning that while he might not have had a direct hand in the bible and its contents the church leaders voting in the council did. basically the new testament imo is a large piece of popular papal oppinion. (try saying that 3 times fast) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Council_of_Nicaea has a pretty good article on the council though i havent finished reading it myself. Kidberg7 did god fax the bible to mankind?AFAIK man has been the writer of the bible and as we all know man as a species has made many mistakes. as well that was old testament whereas constantine helped to shape the new testament. conavar Lucifer is actually satan. that is just his angel name before he rebeled. Interesting fact: sinistre (latin for left) is in modern times a synonem for evil. when the church started a new campaign focused on teaching reading and writing left handed kids were often swatted on their fingers and taught to write with their right hands.
  10. Religion

    Unfortunatly what i have to say about #3 might come off as a little a**holish. Please take no offence. Have you ever heard of emperor Constantine "The Great"? a few years after christianity began to pick up steam Constantine gathered almost anyone and everyone who was a major leader or "prophet" of an offshoot of judaism and held a conference. In this conference scrolls from almost every branch were submitted to be in the bible. There was one problem though. The divinity of Christ. was he really the son of god or was he a great prophet who died a martyr? They took a vote and decided that he was infact devine. But what of the scrolls and gospels that disagreed with this? of course they were barred from entering the bible. many were even burned. some have survived like the dead sea scrolls and the gospel of mary (the gospel of mary is not very widely known about and is very difficult to find if you wanted to read it). Now here is a very interesting fact: Constantine was pagan up untill a few days before his death. basically he was betting on a winning religion and more or less wanted to stay in power a little bit longer...
  11. Religion

    Its more of a case of life came into being because of the enviroment not vice versa. The enviroment didnt adapt to suit life. life adapted and came into being to suit the enviroment. Not a big fan of science either . Science is only based on what we know of the universe which is nothing.Who is to say life has to be carbon based ? .Isnt it possible that on differant worlds or perhaps on ours if the enviroment had been differant that sulphur or Hydrogen based lifeforms .Man and in particular Scientists are big fans of saying it can only be this way because thats all the knowledge we have. On the Grand scale of the universe we proberly know about 0.0000000001% of things there is to know. Does there have to be a cause for the event ? How about we are here Because it was one big fluke of nature . In my opinion we are an accident we came about because certain chemicals came into contact with one another .If the chances of that happening are 1billion to 1 then counting the number of planets in the universe then they are not bad odds. I have said before and will say again . Everyones beliefs are valid . Im an aethist but I would never tell anyone they are wrong for believing in something I dont. Edit: Kidberg that is so hypercritical of christainity didnt really mean that the environment adapted to us. I used the word support as almost anyone who has taken highschool level biology or even hunter safety course has heard of carrying capacity of an environment. usually it is defined as the environment has enough resources to support X creature. basically i was trying to use the most relatable term. my oppinion on us coming about as one big accident is this: while it has a possibility of occuring and with rather high probability the problem and question of reaction energy still remains.
  12. Religion

    A couple of quick questions for atheists: If you personally believe in evolution and that mankind (who has the pleasure and capacity to ponder all of this) and all other forms of life came from it then where did the environment to support all of this come from? Second question: If the answer of the first question i asked eventually leads back to a big bang or other universe forming event (it should but this is all so you can follow how i am rationalizing) then what was the cause of that event? Third Q: in the case that antimatter/matter anihilation caused big bang or other universe forming event what created matter and antimatter or better yet what was the source of the energy required to set all of this into motion? (i know... bad pun...) and remember as you require proof of a god or gods in order to start believing in such I also require proof of what your end result is as a theory is basically the same thing as a religion in that there is no concrete evidence and both function on faith.
  13. Religion

    Personally I am agnostic. i simply have not chosen to "risk my chips" on any of the established religions yet. I probably wont do so either untill i have researched almost all of them. I have come to this conclusion because the idea that an entire plane of existance coming into being by mere chance doesnt make much sense to me. there is a theory that states that in fact no action is nessecary for the reaction of a big bang or any event in fact. i cannot remember the name of it for the life of me but basically i dont believe it (many atheists i have talked to have relied upon this theory as their reason for why they are atheists). conciousness is something that is to complex to be boiled down to energy and mass could have come from nothingness and chance. So basically religion IMO is not a load of bs entirely. much of it has been changed from its origional purpose and "perverted" for the sake of someone and their own oppinion and agenda. If one thinks about it what kind of lies are the best? Those that have a little bit of truth woven in. many of the organized religions today are basically very large elaborate lies. i could probably get more into detail but this more or less sums it up. satisfactory?

    Divided* W00T! we have a winrar! Good job Atlantis!

    i have been somewhere....undergoing secret military training to become a cia spy. i can tell you this because i know that even though i am stating a reason for you to believe me deep down you will never believe its not butter.