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  1. Last of my storage

    Hey mate I've hardly been around last several weeks, but I sure hope we get a chance to talk before you call it a game, set and match. In the meantime do consider relieving yourself of some items in return for fair compensation package, as proposed below: 20k coal 2.5gc ea 200k suns 0.75gc ea 20k WEs 7.5gc ea 50k sapphs 3.2gc ea 50k dung 3gc ea 660k all together, for somewhat fuller pockets of yours before you finally pull up your anchor and sail away. Let me know how you feel about it.
  2. Various items for sale

    Added a new post by mistake instead of editing initial one Mods, please delete this one. Thanks
  3. Various items for sale

    Selling some of the items from my sto. Unit prices are not negotiable and are valid for below indicated bulk quantities. If you're interested in purchasing one or more items please either leave a message here, or pm me in game (same in-game name). Ogre toes - 13k (1.25ea) Nightshade - 23k (1.25ea) Yarrow - 10k (1.25ea) Diamond - 3k (4ea) Coal - 8k (2.5ea) Gem sanding paper - 1.7k (10ea) Bones - 7k (2.5ea) Fire essence - 20k (4ea) Steel two edged sword - 96 (1100ea) Potion of accuracy - 225 (100ea) Potion of evasion - 320 (100ea) Thread - 10k (2ea) Empty vial - 6k (5.5ea) Air essence - 5k (10ea) Polished sapphire - 7k (24ea) Augmented leather pants - 130 (100ea) Leather boots - 50 (80ea)
  4. Packet loss to the moved server

    Problems here as well, that little training that I've done this morning wasn't what I'd call comfortable, let alone enjoyable
  5. New and updated trade bot list

    Hi, I'm a new owner of Jeepers (same in game name). Location remains unchanged.
  6. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    It's been a while and some new stones landed happily in my lap in the meantime Coordination removal - PV blue star flowers Reasoning removal - SRM coal Coordination removal - Naralik iron Will removal - SRM coal Vitality removal - Naralik blue star flowers Will removal - SRM fruit
  7. Contest - The highest OA level reset

    Do two resets count for the contest? First was at oa 125, second was at oa 131, nearly 132. Third time around now and at oa 142 atm. Anyway, either gnny or MP wins this one, think gnny was oa 152 when he did it.
  8. IP issues

    Hi Since I started playing EL some 3 years ago I've always been in one of 2 IP ranges assigned by my IP. Both worked with EL just fine. Last night I found out that I couldn't gain access to forums in spite of repeated modem reboots, and then today, after another attempt to get access to main site, I tried logging on EL and got 'your IP is banned' message. Since this morning I identified at least 2 IP ranges I never saw before, so it seems that my IP is becoming more and more dynamic for whatever reason. I can still get access to both the game and the main site, but it takes numerous modem reboots and I guess depends on luck. So if possible, I'm asking to be whitelisted for both game and forums not to have to go through trial and error sort of thing every time i turn the comp on. Thank you in advance
  9. 30k Coal Auction

  10. Haidir quests bug

    I haven't experienced the same as Gottrech, but I seem to have ended in some sort of loop in Haidir's daily a/d quest. Last night I picked up the quest from Haidir, went to Melinis and got a task from Closca, killed fluffs and got a reward. Quest was finished 25 minutes before day change. Tonight I took a quest again about 21 hour after end of last night one (4th day had already been started), went to Melinis again, killed 30 fluffs but nothing happened. I waited till it was more than 24 hours since beginning of last night one, tried with Haidir again, but all I kept getting was message that I need to kill the stuff for Closca first. Went back to Meli, killed fluffs again, again no reward. Then I waited till day change, more than 24 hours since I finished the quest last night, Haidir kept giving me the same message, but I've decided to give it one more try and I went to kill fluffs for 3rd time. Again the result was zilch, no reward from Closca. Went to Haidir one more time, message was the same and that's where I gave up. No clue what could've caused the above and I'm not sure if anybody else has had any such experience, but since I got stuck doing quest I thought I'd post it here. Edit: in the meantime culprit has been identified, buggy bunny located east of the city walls, out the south gate and just round the corner. It seems that quest counter doesn't register kills of that fluff as it should. However, good thing is that problem's been noted and will be taken care of in the next update.
  11. Definitely yes. As Liquid said it's very likely that should such change happen it could affect char building considerations of many players, and I don't think anybody would mind more variety in that segment. *whispers conspiratively* It could also have long-term impact on that other thing which is not to be addressed in this thread
  12. FeaR Flower shop

    10k rose quartz and 10k sunflowers for total of 26.9k gc. Thanks
  13. FeaR Flower shop

    Hi, I'd like to order the following: 20k white asiatic lillies 10k sunflowers 10k wheat In game name is same as on forums. Thanks
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi guys, Having seen that harving of remainder of coal I've ordered hasn't started yet, I'd like to cancel order for the following: 10k Coal (22k) [bATCH 4] 10k Coal (22k) [bATCH 5] Hopefully this poses no problem to you. Thank you for taking care of it Dreyan
  15. ZOMG!11! you need this so much

    8 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 1 Jagged Saber 22 Moon Medallion I'd take these, 35k for all. Edit: Just saw OS has been reserved, so removed it from my bid.