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  1. Raising caps

    Hi all, sorry wasn't on for a while but with winter coming will be back on, the cap is not really important, Legend and others have shown that the cap is not really relevant, you can still do everything you need, you just need to think . Have changed my mind since 2013 - Leg is responsible he he.
  2. PK ants

    Whatever happened to the PK ants? - They ever coming back? They were fun.
  3. Raise cap on PK server to 120 A/D

    petroc - voted yes - without the cap I would already be 120 (probably)
  4. Tool breakage

    Hi, would wearing an NMT cape and a harver med significantly reduce the chance of breaking mixing tools - for example - vial molds, and if so how much? - What do you think?
  5. Mother nature hates me

    Does anyone know that if you have the collateral damage perk do the damage points collected because of the perk contribute to the Mother nature hates me achievement?
  6. Mother nature hates me

    thank you both very much for your answers
  7. Mother nature hates me

    wow no answer at all - no trolls, no flames - nada, nothing. nichts
  8. Nexus potions

    I would certainly use them - I have arti 6 and to bump it up to 7 just to make saving stones is an expensive hobby - on the PK server there is no one to buy them from so yes the idea is good and would be fun.
  9. Invasion - maps cleared

    Hi all, just to let you know which maps have been cleared and metered so far: Bethel, Sedicolis, Zirankinbar, Iscalrith, IotF and Irsis. Kasamura Jungle, Arius, Willowvine, Irinveron has 1 very strong (just to save anyone else using an invasionmeter on them) Feel free to add to the list.
  10. Buying Drop Books

    Please note this is the PK server. Buying for 10k gc each: S2e sword of fire S2e sword of magic Tit. long sword of fire Tit. long sword of magic Serpent sword of fire Serpent sword of ice Serpent sword of magic PM me in game - petroc - should be easy to find me in spite of the crowds - most evenings CET 6:30 til 9:00pm
  11. As the title says buying book for steel two edged sword of thermal on the PK server ! 50K Petroc
  12. NMT game

    10007 - NO (very rare drops complete - 1 rosto and 5 bks tit short of ice in the whole 10K) we'll see what we get in the next 10K btw this is on the PK server - PK server rules!!!1
  13. Player Bought

    Not a bad synopsis Goot - just one small thing though Nick is a "she" - the PK server is pretty small and all the chars/alts here are pretty well known and who the mains char is (except for the new one - danmleczu - of course)
  14. Hey guys im back

    Great - about time (petroc) we'll see how long loader is top of the crafter ranking
  15. YAYAYAY!

    Gratz!! - now what you gonna do? ) -there's a whole load of stuff still to do so don't leave us - petroc
  16. Reaching Cap

    It's got my vote Petroc
  17. The introduction of the achivements system has brought lots of new fun into the game. However on the PK server we have a problem in that the crafting and maunfacturing tutorials are almost, if not definitely, impossible due to the shortage of binding stones that are at present in the game. The find rate for bindings is pretty low, on main no big deal as they can be bought in the shop and thus ensuring a steady supply - on the PK server it was decided by players (practically all of whom no longer play) that to even out the PK-ing there would be few great swords and almost none of the higher armors and no bindings from the shop - no big deal, if you really want a great sword then it is possible to find one or two bindings in a year which is enough for the normal game. In order to complete the two tutorials and gain the achivments you need (at a quick count) 5 bindings for the crafting and 23 for the manufacturing - that is flat out impossible here. The price is at present somewhere around 90K - if you can find anyone selling them at all, and there is no one who will sell 28 bindings, even for 2.5 million gc!! (If you even had it) I spoke to radu about this and he said I should post here and see what everyone thinks, he suggested just as an idea, maybe a limited number of bindings for each player, just to get the market going again at a price which would enable us to try and finish these two tutorials and get the achivments. (And yes I realise that you can of course use the bindings in any way you want - great swords etc. etc.) So what do you all think, should we reintroduce the sale of bindings from the shop? And if so under what conditions - if any?
  18. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    I feel that that seriously underestimates the difficulties in some areas caused by the lack of bindings, I have been playing for nearly 2 years now with 2 characters and have found a total of 4 bindings so I still can't finish the crafting tutorial.(In addition to being condescending) I disagree, instances are an integral part of the game and there is no way a tank can finish the instance in steel-chain and aug pants with a tit long! You don't NEED ANYTHING in this game but some things are more desirable than others depending on the direction you take, I don't NEED 60 APs but some people have bought them, why? Because in order to be a high level ranger they are desirable I completely agree, I cannot understand why anyone would be so against them being more available, if you don't want them then just don't buy them, just like rostos, vial molds, etc. It is quite obvious that the majority of players would like to see more bindings in the game by whatever method Entropy might approve. I have not as yet seen one valid argument against the reintroduction.
  19. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    I feel that more than 2 would be preferable as the crafting tutorial takes 5 and as for the manu..... (but I am a long way from the manu atm, can't speak for anyone else though)- so why not 3 or 4? I could live with an OA mimimum level but to be honest 100 is far too high - why not make it 130! The high level players some of whom already have 20/25+ bindings hoarded don't need anymore. OA 50 for example would at least mean that every character had to be a real player - it wouldn't be possible just to log on a new char and buy the stones. I mean either we have only the high level players able to buy (which I personally find very unfair - restricting it to just a select few), then 2 is too few, or all characters can buy in which case 2 would be acceptable - but restricting it to high level players AND a limit of only 2 rather defeats the purpose.
  20. Unbann please

    other charachters on pk server? on pk server yes
  21. Bindings

    I know this is an old and delicate topic but has anyone actually found a binding stone in the last 6 months or so by harvesting. My alt has harvested over 1.6 mio. stuff (in total) with lots of coal (88K), silver (200K), iron (100K) and the usual sulfur, quartz, etc. and to date his total finds are 2 serpent stones. I have found in 1 year playing 2 bindings but they were both over 6 months ago. I think a well balanced or rounded character does find more proprotionally than a pure harver but surely they should find something? Lol - someone out there has a sense of humor - just found a rosto !
  22. Bindings

    ok they really are still there - found 1 on cinnabar - now just need Handy back to turn it into something Woot - nothing quite making up for lost time - now a serp -
  23. Fourth Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    Can a prize winner get his/her stuff on the PK server too? Sorry dumb question - will donate anyway - good luck
  24. Make the "rare" bars more makeable

    Agreed, I'd rather see a few "rare" items for crafting - eg: combined MOL and MOM or gold/silver ring of protection - def up 10 or so, just a few ideas