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  1. Raising caps

    Hi all, sorry wasn't on for a while but with winter coming will be back on, the cap is not really important, Legend and others have shown that the cap is not really relevant, you can still do everything you need, you just need to think . Have changed my mind since 2013 - Leg is responsible he he.
  2. PK ants

    Whatever happened to the PK ants? - They ever coming back? They were fun.
  3. Raise cap on PK server to 120 A/D

    petroc - voted yes - without the cap I would already be 120 (probably)
  4. Tool breakage

    Hi, would wearing an NMT cape and a harver med significantly reduce the chance of breaking mixing tools - for example - vial molds, and if so how much? - What do you think?
  5. Mother nature hates me

    thank you both very much for your answers
  6. Mother nature hates me

    wow no answer at all - no trolls, no flames - nada, nothing. nichts
  7. Mother nature hates me

    Does anyone know that if you have the collateral damage perk do the damage points collected because of the perk contribute to the Mother nature hates me achievement?
  8. Nexus potions

    I would certainly use them - I have arti 6 and to bump it up to 7 just to make saving stones is an expensive hobby - on the PK server there is no one to buy them from so yes the idea is good and would be fun.
  9. Invasion - maps cleared

    Hi all, just to let you know which maps have been cleared and metered so far: Bethel, Sedicolis, Zirankinbar, Iscalrith, IotF and Irsis. Kasamura Jungle, Arius, Willowvine, Irinveron has 1 very strong (just to save anyone else using an invasionmeter on them) Feel free to add to the list.
  10. Buying Drop Books

    Please note this is the PK server. Buying for 10k gc each: S2e sword of fire S2e sword of magic Tit. long sword of fire Tit. long sword of magic Serpent sword of fire Serpent sword of ice Serpent sword of magic PM me in game - petroc - should be easy to find me in spite of the crowds - most evenings CET 6:30 til 9:00pm
  11. As the title says buying book for steel two edged sword of thermal on the PK server ! 50K Petroc
  12. NMT game

    10007 - NO (very rare drops complete - 1 rosto and 5 bks tit short of ice in the whole 10K) we'll see what we get in the next 10K btw this is on the PK server - PK server rules!!!1
  13. Player Bought

    Not a bad synopsis Goot - just one small thing though Nick is a "she" - the PK server is pretty small and all the chars/alts here are pretty well known and who the mains char is (except for the new one - danmleczu - of course)
  14. Hey guys im back

    Great - about time (petroc) we'll see how long loader is top of the crafter ranking